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Jim Stafford Theatre
3440 Hwy 76
PO Box 6366
Branson MO 65616
Fax: 417-335-2643
Pie Annie's: 417-335-8080
Jim Stafford Theatre Official Web Site

Jim Stafford Theatre proudly presents Pie-Annie's Sandwiches, Sweet Treats & Gift Boutique located upstairs inside the Jim Stafford Theatre. You can often find Jim there after the show signing autographs and even spending some evenings there playing guitar and jamming with other musicians.

Jim Stafford: Jim Stafford, his wife Ann, live just outside of Branson. Ann is a behind the scenes creative partner. Visitors can see her each night on stage as well as meet her during intermission. Jim has two sons, Tyler and Sheaffer. Jim also has a baby girl, Georgia Garland (G.G.). Jim is best known for his novelty pop hits "Spiders & Snakes" and "Cow Patti."

Theater:  A lot of green faux marble, red wall fabric and gold swagging.  Modestly sized room.  Good sound and lighting.  Viewing is good from all seating, no obstructions.

Theater is open all year with shows every day, except for a reduced schedule in January and February.

Show:  The best highly family oriented show in Branson. Good old fashioned musical-comedy, variety show with a little vaudeville thrown in. Great band. Show is a real kid pleaser with balloons, toys, stupid pet tricks, etc., lots of songs like "Spiders and Snakes".

Jim Stafford's Virtual Thrill Ride 3-D Show: A highlight of the Jim Stafford Theatre is Jim Stafford's Virtual Thrill Ride (a 3-D Laser and 3-D Video Show). A blend of 3-D video into a live interactive performance production. It is seen on the largest stereoscopic 3-dimensional rear projection screen in the world. This show was developed on their own in-house production system. The Jim Stafford Theatre will hand out over 340,000 special 3-D glasses each year. The 3-D show officially premiered to live audiences on Friday, 26 June 1998.

Year 2000 Schedule:
1 March thru 4 November - 8:00pm show daily except 2:00pm Sundays, 2:00 & 8:00pm Wednesdays.
6 November thru 19 December - Christmas Show 8:00pm daily except 2:00pm Sundays, 2:00 & 8:00pm on 8, 15, 17, 24, 29 November and 6 December.
26 Dec thru 30 Dec - 8:00pm show.

No shows - 16, 17, 18 June; 20,21,22,23,24,25 December.
All information subject to change.

Handicap access:  Good.  Some wheelchair spaces down front and relatives may sit nearby.

Parking:  The lot in back is steep, but there is a let-off area in front.

Location: In the center of the Strip on W. SR 76.

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All information subject to change.
Please verify at time you make reservations.

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