Owen's Theatre
205 S. Commercial Street
Branson Missouri 65616

The Owen's Theatre opened in 1935, the year Elvis was born. It's fitting that the Owen's Theatre is home to a show that is a tribute the "The King."

Theater: The oldest theater in Branson has a comfortable familiarity. Stage is fifteen feet from the front row. Two wide aisles give small theater an open feeling. Lighting and sound adequate.

Seating: 225 old, but comfortable seats.

Handicap access: Good

Show: Elvis and the Superstars is a tribute to "The King", the first half is all Elvis. Dave "Elvis" Elhert has been impersonating Elvis for thirty years very convincingly. The second half has Elhert impersonating superstars such as Roy Orbison, Neil Diamond, Liberace, Willie Nelson, Tom Jones and many more. This show is completely different from any other show, a Branson standout.

General: Originally called the Owen when it opened back in 1935, the theater name has since been officially changed to the Owen's Theatre.

Location: Downtown on Business 65 near Maddux St.

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