SOMA San Diego
3350 Sports Arena Blvd. Suite I
San Diego, California
Hotline: 619-226-7662

Soma San Diego Official Web Site

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New SOMA - The new SOMA at a new location for those people who remember the old SOMA LIVE. The new SOMA main hall is twice the size of the old SOMA.

All Age: SOMA is an all age venue with the majority of the audience 13-24 years.

Doors: SOMA doors generally open at 7:30 pm. Opening acts begin within the half hour. Some events are not on the regular nighttime schedule so it is best to check in advance.

Tickets: Ticket outlets at Music Trader, Lou's Records, Blue Meannie Records. Check with SOMA for online tickets. Local shows on sidestage will be available night of show at SOMA box office but suggest you purchase tickets in advance.

Parking: There is some parking by the Sports Arena North Side of the venue which is South End of Sports Arena lot. Also additional parking within the strip mall location on a first come first serve basis.

Capacity: The Main Hall has a capacity of 2,400. The stage is 42 feet wide by 24 feet deep by 4 feet high.

The SOMA Side Stage has a capacity of 500. The stage is 30 feet wide by 15 feet deep by 3 feet high.

Concerts: SOMA shows are listed on the large Southern California list of concerts.

Notes: Soma has been in San Diego for approximately 20 years. Open to all ages. Does not serve alcohol. Mostly under 21 crowd. Normally open only on Friday and Saturday. Often hosts larger touring bands from other areas. Most events are well attended.

Try their phone number above. It's their hotline with the latest band information. They put on a New Year's Eve party each year that is well attended.

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