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Release date: 16 October 1998 
Beloved Official Web Site - This works until the official web site is available. 
Touchstone Pictures 
Buena Vista Pictures 
Oprah Winfrey ----------- Sethe 
Danny Glover ------------ Paul D 
Thandie Newton --------- Beloved 
Kimberly Elise ----------- Denver 
Beah Richards ----------- Baby Suggs 
Lisa Gay Hamilton ------ Younger Sethe 
Albert Hall --------------- Stamp Paid 
Irma P. Hall ------------- Ella
Carol Jean Lewis ------- Janey Wagon 
Kessia Randall ---------- Amy Denver 
Jude Ciccolella ---------- Schoolteacher
Anthony Chisholm -------- Langhorne
Dorothy Love Coates ---- M. Lucille Williams 
Jane White -------------- Lady Jones
Jason Robards ------ Mr. Bodwin

Directed by ---------------- Jonathan Demme 
Produced by --------------- Ed Saxon, Jonathan Demme, Gary Goetzman, Kate Forte, Oprah Winfrey 
Executive producer ------ Ron Bozman 
Music by ------------------- Rachel Portman 
Camera -------------------- Tak Fujimoto 
Costume Design by ------ Colleen Atwood 
Production Design by ---- Kristi Zea 
Film Editing by ----------- Andy Keir, Carol Littleton 
Written by ---------------- Akosua Busia, Richard LaGravenese, Adam Brooks 
Based on novel by ------ Toni Morrison 
Rated R for violent images, sexuality and nudity.
Running time: 172 min
The movie, "Beloved", is about a woman (Oprah) who escaped slavery but is visited by the spirit of her deceased daughter. "Beloved" takes place in Ohio after the Civil War. 

Based on the Pulitzer Prize Winning novel by Toni Morrison. 

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by Toni Morrison 
Paperback - 288 pages Reissue edition (June 1994) 

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