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    Release date: 24 April 1998 
    The Big Hit Official Web Site - Official Site at Sony 
    Sony Pictures - TriStar, see Sony 
    Credits . Cast: 
  • Mark Wahlberg -------- Mel, the hitman
  • Lou Diamond Phillips --- Cisco, Mel's associate
  • Christina Applegate ----- Pam Schulman, Mel's fiancee
  • Avery Brooks ---------- Paris, Mel's boss
  • Bokeem Woodbine ---- Crunch, Mel's associate
  • Antonio Sabato Jr. ----- Vince, Mel's associate
  • Lainie Kazan ----------- Jeanne Schulman, Pam's parent
  • Elliott Gould ------------ Mort Schulman, Pam's parent
  • Sab Shimono ----------- Kiro Nishi, kidnap victim
  • Lele Rochon ----------- Chantel, Mel's demanding mistress
  • China Chow ----------- Keiko Nishi
  • Robin Dunne ----------- Gump, Mel's associate
  • Danny Smith ----------- Pimply faced kid/video store clerk
  • Directed by: Che-Kirk Wong 
    Produced by:  Warren Zide, Wesley Snipes 
    Executive producer: John Woo, Terence Chang, John M. Eckert 
    Music by: Graeme Revell 
    Music supervisor: Pilar McCurry 
    Casting: Roger Mussenden 
    Production design by: Taavo Soodor 
    Costume design by: Margaret M. Mohr 
    Editor: Robin Russell, Pietro Scalia 
    Director of photography: Danny Nowak 
    Screenplay by: Ben Ramsey 
    Rated R for violence, pervasive language and some sexuality 
    Running time: 93 min 

    . In "The Big Hit," Mark Wahlberg plays the nice guy hitman Melvin Surley who along with his associates - Cisco, Crunch, Vince and Gump - is drawn into a moonlighting gig that turns sour. 

    The straight forward kidnap job of Keiko has problems. Keiko turns out to be the godchild of their boss, Paris. Not a good career move. And Cisco doesn't help by fingering Mel for the bad job. 

    Mel's life starts to fall apart: his bad day at the job; his mistress, Chantel, who takes his hard earned money; and his fiancee's (Pam) parents who arrive for a visit. This is not a good time to impress her parents. 

    You probably remember Mark Wahlberg from his starring role as Eddie Adams in the 1997 Boogie Nights where he was the young man who became an adult film star. 

    Action comedy. 

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