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The Blair Witch Project Movie
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The Blair Witch Project 
Release date: 23 January 1999  (Sundance film festival) 
Release date: USA 16 July 1999 
The Blair Witch Project Official Web Site
Artisan's Blair Witch Official Web Site
Artisan Entertainment
Heather Donahue ----------- Heather Donahue 
Michael C. Williams -------- Michael Williams 
Joshua Leonard ------------  Joshua Leonard 
Bob Griffith 
Jim King 
Sandra Sánchez ------------- Woman With Baby (Interviewee) 
Ed Swanson 
Patricia Decou 

Directed by ------------------ Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sánchez 
Written by ------------------- Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sánchez 
Produced by ----------------- Robin Cowie, Gregg Hale 
Executive producer --------- Bob Eick, Kevin J. Foxe 
Co-producer ---------------- Michael Monello 
Original music by ---------- Tony Cora 
Camera --------------------- Neal Fredericks 
Film Editing by ------------- Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sánchez 
Production Design by ------ Ben Rock 
Art Direction --------------- Ricardo Moreno 
MPAA: Rated R for language 
Runtime: 80 min 
"The Blair Witch Project" - the movie,  In October of 1994, three student filmmakers dissapeared in the woods near Burkittesville, Maryland, while shooting a documentary. One year later, their footage was found. 

Horror thriller. 

First official public screening was on 23 January 1999 at the Sundance Film Festival 1999. Shooting of the movie took eight days in October 1997. Shot entirely on handheld cameras for a reported  budget of $30,000. Artisan Entertainment bought it up at the Sundance Film Festival for $1.1 million for worldwide rights at a time when most other distributor didn't want to touch it. It earned approximately $48 million in its first week of wide release. 

Yes, there is a Burkittsville, Maryland. It's a small town just northwest of Brunswick. Here is a Burkittsville website in a response by some of the residents of Burkittsville to the "Blair Witch Project. 

Sundance Festival Trivia
Sundance Film Festival was held in Park City, Utah 21-31 January 1999. 
Screenings of The Blairwitch Project were held at: 
Saturday 23 January 1999 
Egyptian Theatre 
Monday 25 January 1999 
Yarrow Theatre 
Saturday 30 January 1999 
Tower Theatre, Salt Lake 
News Items
Newsweek cover 
16 Augsut 1999 
The Blair Witch Cult 
Page 44
Time cover 
16 August 1999 
The Blair Witch Phenomenon
Page 58
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"The Blair Witch Project (1999)
Release Date: October 22, 1999.
Rated: R
Not for sale to persons under age 18.
Starring: Michael Williams, Daniel Myrick, et al.
Edition Details:
NTSC format (US and Canada only)
Black & White, Color, NTSC
"The Blair Witch Project (1999)
Release Date: October 22, 1999. 
Rated: R
Not for sale to persons under age 18.
Starring: Michael Williams, Daniel Myrick, et al.
Edition Details:
Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
Black & White, Color, NTSC
Commentary by directors Daniel Myrick & Eduardo Sanchez
Production notes
Theatrical trailer(s), TV spot(s)
Includes both the theatrical film, "The Blair Witch Project," (87 min.) and
the TV  documentary, "Curse of the Blair Witch" (approx. 44 min.)
Newly discovered footage
Animated interactive menus
DVD ROM features, exclusive web site access...to the map, excerpts from the dossier, excerpts from the comic book.
The Blair Witch Project: Josh's Blair Witch Mix
Various Artists - Soundtracks - 1999
Audio CD (July 13, 1999)
1. Gloomy Sunday - Lydia Lunch
2. Order Of Death, The - Public Image Ltd.
3. Draining Faces - Skinny Puppy
4. Kingdom's Coming - Bauhaus
5. Don't Go To Sleep Without Me - The Creatures
6. God Is God - Laibach
7. Beware - Afghan Whigs
8. Laughing Pain - Front Line Assembly
9. Haunted - Type O Negative
10. She's Unreal - Meat Beat Manifesto
11. Movement Of Fear - Tones On Tail
12. Cellar, The - Antonio Cora

The Blair Witch Project
by Dave Stern(D.A.) 
Paperback (August 6, 1999) 
Fan Comments

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Comments on this and other movies. 
20 Oct 99 - Well,  Where to start. first off Daniel and Eduardo, are the best, man like wether it was luck of talent, they did it. and from my experience, it takes talent to be lucky, cause it will only take you so far. I will be one of the many(I hope) in line to pick up the wonderful film on DVD this Friday, cool. and I do know that I will enjoy watching it over and over again. 

Well, about hte movie, it was the most terrifying 80 minutes of my film going career, I loved every second of it. I think that you really had to be an intelligent person to enjoy that movie, because all of the people that I talk to that are a bit intelligent LOVED the film, and the rest wanted Van Damme to break through and kick the Witchs' ass. So, if that tells you anything, then you will know whether or not you will like it now. Hmm, I'm gonna stop now, and go to bed, but lastly, I really like it also because when the guys made the film they kept in mind the the people watching the film were everyday people, and not the Neve's and Sarahs of the world, and that is why the film spoke to so many people.  Thank you for your time, and Good Night  Peace and Love  Danu Christ  P.S. about time famous people other than the mouse and a few bad band came out of Orlando, I love this place 

16 Oct 99 - My name is Fabio, from Brazil. Sorry, but I don't know write in english very well. I have some doubts about the movie BlairWitch Project. I want to know who is the person, is the last scene, that is  "looking" to the wall. Is he Josh? If is Josh, why he is on feet? Is Mike? I don't know who is that people. Can you help me? Thanks... Fábio from Brazil 

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