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Bowfinger Movie 
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Release date: 13 August 1999
Bowfinger Official Web Site 
Steve Martin ----------------- Bobby Bowfinger, movie producer
Eddie Murphy --------------- Kit Ramsey/Jiff Ramsey, no-experience actor
Heather Graham ------------ Daisy, sleeps her way to stardom
Christine Baranski ---------- Carol
Jamie Kennedy ------------- Dave
Adam Alexi-Malle ---------- Afrim, wrote the script
Kohl Sudduth ---------------- Slater
Barry Newman ------------- Kitís Agent
Robert Downey Jr. --------- Jerry Renfro, studio executive
Terence Stamp ------------- Terry Stricter

Directed by ------------------ Frank Oz
Produced by ----------------- Grazer
Executive producers -------- Karen Kehela, Bernie Williams
Camera ---------------------- Ueli Steiger
Editor ------------------------- Richard Pearson
Music ------------------------ David Newman
Music supervisor ----------- Pilar McCurry
Production designer -------- Jackson Degovia
Art director ----------------- Tom Reta
Set designers ---------------- Karl Martin, Les Gobruegge, Dawn Snyder
Set decorator ---------------- K.C. Fox
Costume designer ----------- Joseph G. Aulisi
Sound ------------------------- Martin Raymond Bolger
Stunt coordinator ------------ Bud Davis
Associate  producer -------- Kathleen Courtney
Assistant director ----------- Michele Panelli-Venetis
Screenplay ------------------- Steve Martin
Casting ----------------------- Margery Simkin.
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Running time: 96 min

"Bowfinger" - the movie, has a never-made-it-big movie producer, Bobby Bowfinger, who is willing to do anything to get his movie made - "Chubby Rain". In desperation he gets studio executive, Renfro, to green light the movie if Bobby can get action star Kit Ramsey to take the lead role in his film. Quite a collection of delusional individuals who seem to get through life without a reality check.


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Bowfinger Original Soundtrack
Audio CD (August 10, 1999)
1. There Is Always One More Time - Johnny Adams
2. You're A Wonderful One - Marvin Gaye
3. Super Bad, Super Slick - James Brown
4. And I Love You So - Perry Como
5. Mambo UK - Cubanismo!
6. Pick Up The Pieces - Average White Band
7. Secret Agent Man - Johnny Rivers
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