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A Bug's Life Movie
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A Bug's Life 
aka Bug's 
Release date: 20 November 1998 
A Bug's Life Official Web Site
Pixar Animation Studios - production 
Disney - distribution 


  • David Foley -------------Flik (ant) (voice) 
  • Kevin Spacey ---------- Hopper (Grasshopper) (voice)
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus --- Princess Atta (ant) (voice)
  • Hayden Panettiere ----- Dot (ant) (voice)
  • Phyllis Diller ----------- Queen Ant (voice)
  • Richard Kind ---------- Molt (Grasshopper) (voice)
  • David Hyde Pierce ---- Slim (stickbug) (voice)
  • Joe Ranft -------------- Heimlich (caterpillar) (voice)
  • Denis Leary ----------- Francis (ladybug) (voice)
  • Jonathan Harris ------- Manny (Praying Mantis) (voice)
  • Madeline Kahn -------- Gypsy (Gypsy Moth) (voice)
  • Bonnie Hunt ----------- Rosie (Black Widow) (voice)
  • Michael McShane ---- Tuck & Roll (Pillbugs) (voice)
  • John Ratzenberger ---- P.T. Flea (voice)
  • Brad Garrett ----------- Dim (Rhinoceros Beetle) (voice)
  • Roddy McDowall ----- Mr. Soil (voice)
  • Edie McClurg --------- Dr. Flora (ant) (voice)
  • Alex Rocco ----------- Thorny (voice)
  • David Ossman -------- Cornelius (voice) 



    Directed by ---------------- John Lasseter 
    Co-director ---------------- Andrew Stanton 
    Produced by --------------- Darla K. Anderson, Kevin Reher 
    Screenplay ----------------- Stanton, Donald McEnery, Bob Shaw 
    Original story by ---------- Lasseter, Stanton, Joe Ranft 
    Camera -------------------- Sharon Calahan 
    Supervising film editor ---- Lee Unkrich 
    Music ---------------------- Randy Newman 
    Production designer ------ William Cone 
    Art directors -------------- Tia W. Kratter, Bob Pauley 
    Story supervisor ---------- Ranft
    Supervising technical directors --- William Reeves, Eben Ostby 
    Supervising animators ---- Glenn McQueen, Rich Quade 
    Sound design -------------- Gary Rydstrom 
    Casting --------------------- Ruth Lambert 
    MPAA Rating: G. 
    Running time: 96 min 
    "A Bug's Life" is a computer generated animation film by Pixar Animation Studios. The story is about a mishap-prone warrior ant that defends his colony from a grasshopper attack. Hopper, the star of the show,  is the leader of the grasshoppers. The hero is an ant named Flik. 

    Hint: stick around for the credits at the end of the film. Some of the "out takes" are funny. 

    Projects are under the control of ex-Disney animator John Lasseter. Disney does the distribution, marketing and consumer products. 

    A Bug's Life is the much awaited second film by Pixar Animation Studios (the first being Toy Story). "An Epic of Miniature Proportions." 

    Next film following Bugs will be Toy Story II

    Computer animation. 

    Vid - The vid will be available as a sell-through video on 20 April 1999. Look for a big marketing campaign. There will be four different versions of the video box - each featuring a different character from the film. It will also have both sets of the "outtakes". It is priced at $26.99 on VHS and $34.99 on DVD. This will be the first time that a film has been digitally transferred directly from the originally computer imagery rather than through the standard film-to-videotape process. Disney can do this since the entire film was done digitally. This means VHS and DVD versions will offer full-frame reformatting, with no cropping of the picture imagery.. -- as reported 29 Jan 1999 

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    Fan Comments

    25 Apr - Hi, I just bought a copy of "Bug"s Life"... I hadn't seen it before (sad because I am in the computer graphics and animation field). It's incredible! Cute, funny, for kids and adults! I'm sorry, but I think it blew Antz out of the water. I feel the animation, texturing, modeling and character development were superior... much more appealing. That bird was great! It's movements were so lifelike! I saw Antz first, and my reaction was simply "that was ok, nothing spectacular".. but Bug's Life moved me! I guess Antz was considered more to be an "adult" cartoon... because of the violent battle scene, but I'm sorry, I thought the plot, dialog and storylike were lackluster. I think my favorite Bug's Life character had to be Heimlich, that hilarious fat caterpillar!

    23 Apr - I'm a university student and I saw "A Bug's Life" with my girlfriend back in December. We both loved the movie!!!  I can't wait, I'm buying it today! Tuck and Roll rule the world by the way!!! -- Fan from Toronto

    22 Mar - I was now twice in this movie and I take a 3rd one - an excellent film! I have already get the out-takes from Disney's Page =:c) -- Fan from Germany

    7 Mar - Just seen the movie and thought that it was excellent. Never laughed as much as when the out-takes came on at the end. Whoever thought that idea up must be classed as one very clever person. -- a fan from the UK

    14 Feb - It's really Really! excellent.  Our favourite character's were Hopper and Flik.  -- Thomas Freeman-Eves & Oliver Chappell.  West Sussex, England.

    13 Feb - Have seen the movie today with my husband and 4 year old son, he loved it and so did we, loved the kids pulled my wings off sign with the begger. -- The Tomlinsons - Maidenhead, England.

    13 Feb - Fantastic, really good fun and great story. went with the kids and enjoyed it just as much as them if not more. -  Jill

    28 Jan - I am 18 and I am really surprised how much I like the film..... I juz couldn't help it but laugh throughout the whole 90 minutes!! -- from Singapore

    20 Jan - Kaitlyn (2 1/2 yrs.) and I (grandpa 52 yrs.) saw the entire movie.  We both loved it!  Kaitlyn stood up for most of the time.  She was riveted!  Now, Dim is my favorite movie star.  Kaitlyn and Grandpa, Wisconsin

    13 Jan -- I work for a movie theater and I've seen Bug's Life 10 times now. They've just decided to change the ending outtakes a week ago. Now I'm gonna see it a few times again. No one has ever decided to do something like that. Basically, see it fast before they change it again. The movie is 90 minutes of pure enjoyment and does have more adult oriented behavior. I'm 21 and have never wound up watching a movie that much. -- Steve

    10 Jan - I really liked the movie a lot. I'm even planning of buying a VCD of it if I find one. What I liked the most are the graphics. I was thinking whether the scenes were scanned photographs which they included in the computer animations or were they computer paintings which they created pixel by pixel. The pictures were very realistic and detailed. I've never seen so much detail in a computer generated animation before. I just keep on saying to my seatmate, "Wow! Ang ganda!!!" (by the way, that's Filipino for 'Wow! It looks really awesome!'). I think that's natural because I'm also a computer graphics programmer. Of course, nothing's perfect and I guess the animators made a very big mistake. The movie was so good you would forget that ants have 6 legs! -- from Philippines

    8 Jan - My son and I have seen it three times. I (33 years old) really liked it. It is very well written and has many subplots. It is clearly superior to Antz in all forms.

    29 Dec - My family and I saw the movie yesterday, my children aged 8, 5, and 3, as well as parents 33 and 35 loved the movie, but cannot understand why some home taught psychologists, have to go into detail that is not necessary, we found it better value to watch the movie, not to pay $35.00 to analyze something that should be taken at face value. We loved the movie but the associated costs that go with it make it a very costly exercise.

    28 Dec - I've seen the movie twice. I was in tears laughing with tuck and roll. It's too bad that an animated movie has to be advertised as a kid's movie when adults clearly can get a kick out of it. South Park kills with certain demo's, why can't Disney target older audiences with these kinds of films? For those parents who complained, well... Shut Up!! You're stupid!!!!!!!!!! and "You fired!!!!!!" By the by, I'm 30 years old.

    23 Dec - I took a 3-year-old girl to see "A Bug's Life," and we had to leave 15 minutes into the film. Hopper was just too scary for her! Also, although I enjoyed the film when I saw it later by myself, I must say that it comes nowhere being the movie that is "Antz." I know the target audience is different for these films. But "Antz" is the only animated film I've ever seen that satisfies the adult taste. Even "The Prince of Egypt" falls prey to Disneyesque characters and uneven animation. "Antz" is consistent throughout. "A Bug's Life" is a good kiddie toon. Fun and silly. I'd like to see more "Antz" type films, though. -- David

    13 Dec - I am the mother of a 5 yr. old, and a week ago I took my son, and 3 nephews to see "a bugs life" and they all loved it. Keep up the good work....faye from N.C.

    13 Dec - I was very upset when I saw the McDonalds toys for this movie, because most of the bugs have only 4 legs! They are supposed to have 6 and I think that it's pretty bad when you make a movie all about bugs and your characters don't even have the right number of legs! Think if someone made a movie about people and they all had three legs! It makes me mad and they could have done better.

    6 Dec - I took my four-year old daughter and her three-year old friend to see "A Bugs Life".  The movie was enjoyed by both children; however as a parent I was upset with the number of times I heard "Stupid," and "Shut up."  These are words that young children are taught not to say.  Disney could do better.

    28 Nov 98 - Just got back from taking my wife and two kids to see A Bug's Life. They loved it!!!!!!!!! A nice clean movie for everyone to enjoy. The Copleys.

    Send me your comments. I post fan comments.

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