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    Release date: 3 April 1998 limited release at 9 theaters NY, LA, Toronto 
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    Credits . Cast: 
  • Stephen Rea --------- as Benny Brady, Francie's  hard drinking father
  • Fiona Shaw ---------- as Mrs. Nugent, the pretentious neighbor
  • Eamonn Owens ----- as Francie Brady, 12 year old
  • Alan Boyle ----------- as Joe Purcell, young friend of Francie
  • Aisling O'Sullivan ---- as Annnie Brady, Francie's  mother
  • Sinead O'Connor ---- as Virgin Mary
  • Andrew Fullerton -----as Philip
  • Pat McCabe ---------- as Jimmy-the-Skite
  • Ian Hart --------------- as Uncle Alo
  • Sean Hughes
  • Directed by: Neil Jordan 
    Produced by: Redmond Morris, Stephen Woolley 
    Executive producer: Neil Jordan 
    Director of photography: Adrian Biddle 
    Music by: Elliot Goldenthal 
    Edited by: Tony Lawson 
    Production design by: Anthony Pratt 
    Costume designer: Sandy Powell 
    Screenplay: Neil Jordan, Patrick McCabe 
    Adapted from novel by Patrick McCabe 
    Rated R for language and violence 

    . "Butcher Boy", the movie, is the story about a murder that is revealed through the memories of a mentally ill man (Benny). Francie is a 12 year old boy who lives with his alcoholic father and depressed mother. Francie's family falls apart and his fantasy world grows more powerful. He travels down a course of self-destruction. 

    The story takes place in a small remote town in Ireland in the early 1960s. Filmed on location in Monaghan and Dublin, Ireland. 

    Damaged childhood, funny, and deeply tragic. 

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