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Clay Pigeons 
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Clay Pigeons 
Release date: 25 September 1998 
Clay Pigeons Web Site - reellife 
Gramercy Pictures 
Vince Vaughn ------------- Lester Long 
Janeane Garofalo --------- FBI Agent Dale Shelby 
Joaquin Phoenix ----------- Clay Birdwell, easygoing 
Georgina Cates ----------- Amanda 
Scott Wilson --------------- Sheriff Mooney 
Gregory Sporleder -------- Earl 
Vince Vieluf --------------- Deputy Barney 
Phil Morris ---------------- Agent Reynard 

Directed by ----------------- David Dobkin 
Produced by ---------------- Ridley Scott, Chris Zarpas 
Co-producers --------------- Carrie Morrow, Audrey Kelly 
Executive producer -------- Tony Scott, Guy East, Nigel Sinclair 
Music by -------------------- John Lurie 
Music supervisor ----------- Mary Ramos, Michele Kuznetsky 
Director of photography --- Eric Edwards 
Custome designer ---------- Laura Goldsmith 
Casting ---------------------- Risa Bramon Garcia, Randi Hiller 
Editor ------------------------ Stan Salfas 
Production Design by ------ Clark Hunter 
Written by ------------------ Matt Healy 
Rated R for strong scenes of sexuality, language and violence. 
Running time 104 min 
The movie, "Clay Pigeons", stars Joaquin Phoenix as an easygoing gas jockey in Mercer, Montana who has an affair with his best friend's wife which ends up in a murder frame-up complete with an FBI agent and an elusive serial killer. 

Comedic thriller. 

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