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    Release date: 1 May 1998 selected areas including LA, Chicago, Toronto, Texas
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    Credits . Cast: 
  • Breckin Meyer ------ Keller
  • Ethan Embry --------- Squirrel 
  • Peter Facinelli ------- Terrell Lee 
  • Eddie Mills ---------- John 
  • Ashley Johnson ------ Josie 
  • Patricia Wettig ------- Mrs. Lusk 
  • Michael O'Neill  ----- Mr. Lusk 
  • Eddie Jones  --------- Earl 
  • Wayne Tippet ------- Keller's Grandfather 
  • Alexandra Holden --- Vivian 
  • Michael Crabtree ---- Mr. Hemphill 
  • Lucy Jacobson ------- Flora 
  • Tommy G. Kendrick -- Rusty (His web site with movie info)
  • Lashawn McIvor ----- Mrs. Hemphill 
  • Kessia Randall ------- Jean 
  • Joe Stevens ---------- Leon 
  • Keith Szarabajka ----- Squirrel's father 
  • Shawn Weatherly ----- Squirrel's father's girl friend 
  • Directed by: Tim McCanlies 
    Produced by: Chase Foster, Peter White, Dana Shaffer 
    Executive producer: Michael Burns, Leanna Creel 
    Co-producer: Tina Brawner, Jeff Rice 
    Director of Photography by: Andrew Dintenfass 
    Music by: Steve Dorff 
    Production designed by: Dawn Snyder 
    Costume Design by: Susan Matheson 
    Edited by: Rob Kobrin 
    Written by: Tim McCanlies 
    Rated PG 
    Running time: 95 min 

    . "Dancer, Texas Pop. 81", the movie, is about 4 best friends from a small town and their decisions to leave. 

    The 4 boys, all from the small town of Dancer, are about to graduate from high school. They have dreamed of leaving the small town, population 81, and moving to Los Angeles.  It's come down to the weekend to make that move and all 4 boys struggle with their decision to move. The town decides to get involved too. 

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