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    Release date: 1 May 1998 
    He Got Game Official Web Site 
    Touchstone Pictures / Buena Vista Pictures
    Credits . Cast: 
    Denzel Washington ------ Jake Shuttlesworth, parolee 
    Ray Allen ---------------- Jesus Shuttlesworth, son of Jake 
    Milla Jovovich ----------- Dakota Burns 
    Hill Harper -------------- Coleman "Booger" Sykes 
    Rosario Dawson --------- Lala Bonilla, Jesus's girlfriend 
    Zelda Harris ------------- Mary Shuttlesworth, daughter of Jake 
    Jim Brown --------------- Spivey 
    Joseph Lyle Taylor ------ Crudup 
    Ned Beatty ------------- Warden Wyatt 
    Bill Nunn ---------------- Uncle Bubba 
    Michele Shay ----------- Aunt Sally 
    Thomas Jefferson Byrd -- Sweetness 
    Lonette McKee --------- Martha Shuttlesworth, Jesus's mother 
    John Truturro ------------ Coach Billy Sunday 
    Travis Best -------------- Sip
    Larry Bird 
    Jennifer Esposito -------- Lala
    Rick Fox --------------- Chic Deagen
    Michael Jordan --------- Himself
    Walter McCarty -------- Mance
    Reggie Miller ----------- Himself 
    Shaquille O'Neal  ------- Himself
    John Thompson --------- Himself 
    John Wallace ----------- Himself
    Charles Barkley -------- Himself

    Directed by: Spike Lee 
    Produced by: Jon Kilik, Spike Lee 
    Director of Photography by: Malik Hassan Sayfeed 
    Production design: Wynn Thomas 
    Edited by: Barry Alexander Brown 
    Songs: Public Enemy 
    Music: Aaron Copland 
    Music supervisor: Alex Steyermark 
    Written by: Spike Lee 
    Rated R 
    Running time: 134 min 

    . "He Got Game", the movie - Based on the principle of how Sports shapes your life. This one centers on the relationship between Jake and his talented athlete son Jesus. 

    Basketball drama 

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