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  • . In God's Hands 
    Release date: 24 April 1998 
    In God's Hands Official Web Site - Official Site at Sony 
    Sony Pictures - Triumph TriStar, see Sony 
    Credits . Cast: 
  • Patrick Shane Dorian --- Shane
  • Matt George ------------ Mickey
  • Matty Liu --------------- Keoni
  • Shaun Tomson ---------- as himself
  • Brian Keaulana --------- Brian
  • Derrick Doerner -------- Derrick
  • Pete Cabrinha ---------- Pete
  • Rush Randle ------------ Rush
  • Maylin Pultar
  • Directed by: Zalman King 
    Produced by:  Tom Stern 
    Executive producer: Zalman King, Aladdin Pojhan, David Saunders 
    Music by: Paradise 
    Music supervisor: Amanda Scheer-Demme 
    Editor: James Gavin Bedford, Joe Shugart 
    Director of photography: John B. Aronson 
    Written by: Matt George, Zalman King 
    Rated PG-13 

    . In "In God's Hands," the stars are strong surfers in their own right. Patrick Shange Dorian is the number 2 ranked professional surfer in the world. 

    Shane, Mickey and Keoni travel the Pacific Ocean for a chance to surf. The story begins on a beach in the South Seas. From there, their adventures take them to Bali and Hawaii. When you surf the really big waves, the 40 foot surf - you put yourself In God's Hands. 

    Director Zalman King's previous films include 9 1/2 weeks and Wild Orchid.

    In God's Hands opened Friday 24 April 1998 in Hawaii, San Diego and Los Angeles at 109 theaters.

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