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Magnolia Movie
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Release date: 17 December 1999 initial opening is a limited engagement
Magnolia Official Web Site
New Line

Jason Robards ----------- Earl Partridge, The Dying Father
Julianne Moore ----------- Linda Partridge, Young Wife
Tom Cruise --------------- Frank Mackey, Only Son
Philip Seymour Hoffman -- Phil Parma, The Caretake
John C. Reilly ------------ Officer Jim Kurring, The Police Officer in Love
Melora Walters ---------- Claudia Gator, The Daughter
Jeremy Blackman --------- Stanley Spector, The Boy Genius
Michael Bowen ----------- Rick Spector, Jeremy's Father
William H. Macy ---------- Donnie Smith, The Ex-Boy Genius
Philip Baker Hall ---------- Jimmy Gator, The Game Show Host
Melinda Dillon ------------ Rose Gator, The Mother
Emmanuel Johnson -------- Dixon

Directed by --------------  Paul Thomas Anderson
Written by ---------------- Paul Thomas Anderson
Produced by ------------- Joanne Sellar
Executive producers ----- Michael De Luca, Lynn Harris
Co-producer ------------ Daniel Lupi
Camera -----------------  Robert Elswit
Editor -------------------  Dylan Tichenor
Music -------------------- John Brion
Songs ------------------- Aimee Mann
Production designers ---- William Arnold, Mark Bridges
Art director -------------- David Nakabayashi
Set decorator ------------ Chris Spellman
Costume designer -------- Mark Bridges
Special effects supervisor -- Lou Carlucci
Visual effects supervisor -- Joe Letteri
Vsual effects producer --- Joseph Grossberg
Asociate producer ------- Tichenor
Assistant director -------- Adam Druxman
Casting ------------------ Cassandra Kulukundis
MPAA: Rated R for strong language, drug use, sexuality and some violence.
Runtime: 179 min
"Magnolia", a movie, is about "family relationships and bonds that have been broken and need to be mended in one day...set in the San Fernando Valley on a day full of rain with no clouds."

For those not familiar with Southern California, San Fernando Valley is a geographical area north of the city of Los Angeles. It is in the county of Los Angeles and separated from the city of Los Angeles by a small mountain range. Mostly stereotyped as a suburb of many communities which some would say a world apart unto it's own.

This is the long awaited followup to Paul Thomas Anderson’s  “Boogie Nights.”

Be prepared. This film runs three hours in length.

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"Magnolia : The Illustrated Screenplay"
by Paul Thomas Anderson
Paperback - 256 pages (January 2000)
Newmarket Press; ISBN: 1557044066

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