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Meet Joe Black
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Meet Joe Black 
Release date: 13 November 1998 
Meet Joe Black Official Web Site

Brad Pitt ------------------ Joe Black(Death)/Young Man in Coffee Shop 
Anthony Hopkins -------- William Parrish 
Claire Forlani ------------- Susan Parrish 
Jake Weber -------------- Drew 
Marcia Gay Harden ----- Allison 
Jeffrey Tambor ---------- Quince 
David S. Howard -------- Eddie Sloane 
Lois Kelly-Miller --------- Jamaican Woman 

Directed by -------------- Martin Brest 
Produced by ------------- Martin Brest 
Co-producer ------------- David Wally 
Executive producer ----- Ronald L. Schwary 
Associate producer ----- Celia Costas 
Assistant director ------- Amy Sayres 
Editors ------------------- Joe Hutshing, Michael Tronick 
Music by ---------------- Thomas Newman 
Camera ------------------ Emmanuel Lubezki 
Costume designers ------ Aude Bronson-Howard, David C. Robinson 
Production Designer --- Dante Ferretti 
Art director -------------- Robert Guerra 
Set decorator ------------ Leslie Bloom 
Sound -------------------- Danny Michael 
Special visual effects --- Industrial Light & Magic 
Casting ------------------ Juliet Taylor, Ellen Lewis 
Written by -------------- Ron Osborn, Jeff Reno, Kevin Wade, Bo Goldman 
Suggested by the play “Death Takes a Holiday” written by Alberto Casella and adapted by Walter Ferris, and the motion picture screenplay by Maxwell Anderson and Gladys Lehman 
MPAA Rated PG-13 for an accident scene, some sexuality and brief strong language. 
Running time: 180 min 
In the movie, "Meet Joe Black", it is Brad Pitt on vacation on a visit to Earth where he assumes a body - Joe Black - while he tries to understand human nature and falls in love with Claire Forlani. 

Fan Comments
9 Feb 2001 - Meet Joe Black was an excellent movie that will never lose its spark of intriguing story line  and acting.  A timeless film that should never be forgotten. -- BT

6 May - I believe Brad Pitt to be one of the few actors of his generation that is the MOST DISTINGUISHED , UNIVERSAL, CHARACTER ACTORS since CLARK GABLE, ERROL FLYNN AND GREGORY PECK! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BRAD. --  Joyce

4 Apr 99 - It was the greatest love story ever. It was even better than titanic. I could watch it a million times. I cried on the love scene, it was such a beautiful story, & so romantic. It touched my heart; I can't wait for it to come out on video, I'll be the first to buy it.

31 Jan 99 - It was the best movie of '98 I thought.

4 Jan 99 - On scale of 10, about a 5. Was too long and too contrived. Good acting though. End didn't justify theme or explain itself. What happened to Bill's body?

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