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    Release date: 3 April 1998 
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    Credits . Cast: 
  • Bruce Willis --------- Art Jeffries, FBI agent
  • Alec Baldwin -------- Lt. Colonel Nicholas Kudrow
  • Miko Hughes -------- 9 year old autistic savant Simon
  • Chi McBride -------- Tommy B. Jordan
  • Kim Dickens -------- Stacey
  • Robert Stanton ------- Dean Crandell
  • Bodhi Pine Elfman -- Leo Pedranski
  • Carrie Preston ------- Emily Lang
  • L.L. Giner ------------ Burrell
  • Directed by: Harold Becker 
    Produced by: Brian Grazer, Karen Kehela 
    Co-producers: Maureen Peyrot, Paul Neesan 
    Executive producer: Joseph M. Singer, Ric Kidney 
    Director of photography by: Michael Seresin 
    Casting by: Nancy Klopper 
    Music by: John Barry 
    Production designer: Patrizia Von  Brandenstein 
    Costume design by: Betsy Heimann 
    Edited by: Peter Honess 
    Screenplay by: Lawrence Konner, Mark Rosenthal 
    Based on the novel "Simple Simon" by: Ryne Douglas Pearson 
    Rated R for violence and language. 
    Running time 11 minutes 

    . "Mercury Rising", the movie - Break the Code. An orphaned nine-year-old autistic savant possessing a mathematical genius, deciphers a top secret government military code. An outcast FBI agent, Art Jeffries, must protect the nine-year-old from a deadly assassin and an unknown person within the intelligence community who uses cyberspace as a hunting ground. 
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