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The Muse Movie 
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The Muse 
Release date: 27 August 1999 
Muse Official Web Site 
USA Films 
October Films 
Albert Brooks ------------ Steven Philips, writer with a block 
Sharon Stone ------------- Sarah, the muse, mythological blonde daughter of Zeus 
Andie MacDowell -------- Laura Phillips, Stevenís wife 
Jeff Bridges --------------- Jack Warrick, successful writer 
James Cameron ---------- cameo 
Martin Scorsese ---------- cameo 

Directed by -------------- Albert Brooks 
Produced by ------------- Herb Nanas 
Executive producer ------- Barry Berg 
Camera ------------------ Thomas Ackerman 
Editor -------------------- Peter Teschner 
Music -------------------- Elton John 
Production designer ------ Dina Lipton 
Art director -------------- Marc Dabe 
Set designer -------------- Christopher S. Nushawg 
Set decorator ------------ Anne D. McCulley 
Costume designer -------- Betsy Cox 
Assistant director --------- Daniel Silverberg 
Screenplay --------------- Brooks, Monica Johnson 
Casting ------------------ Victoria Burrows 
MPAA Rated PG-13 for brief nudity. 
Running time: 97 min 
"The Muse" - the movie, you have a neurotic screenwriter, Steven Philips, who has writer's block in the worst way to the extend that he finds himself out of a job. It's through Jack Warrick that Steven finds out about Sarah. Could it be true? That Sarah is really one of the nine daughters of Zeus and could inspire him just enough to be creative again? 

Muse - any of the nine sister goddesses in Greek mythology presiding over song and poetry and the arts and sciences. Hence a source of inspiration as a guiding genius. 


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