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Never Been Kissed Movie 
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Never Been Kissed 
Release date: 9 April 1999 
Never Been Kissed Official Web Site - see Fox movies 
20th Century Fox 
Drew Barrymore ----------- Josie Geller 
David Arquette ------------- Rob Geller, Josie's brother 
Michael Vartan ------------- Sam Coulson, teacher 
Molly Shannon -------------- Anita, Josie's friend 
John C. Reilly --------------- Gus 
Garry Marshall -------------- Rigfort, Josie's boss 
Sean Whalen ---------------- Merkin 
Leelee Sobieski ------------- Aldys, geek girl 
Jeremy Jordan -------------- Guy Perkins 
Jessica Alba ---------------- Kirsten, cool girl 
Marley Shelton ------------- Kristin, cool girl 
Jordan Ladd ---------------- Gibby, cool girl 

Directed by ----------------- Raja Gosnell 
Produced by ---------------- Sandy Isaac, Nancy Juvonen 
Executive producer -------- Drew Barrymore 
Co-producer ---------------- Jeffrey Downer 
Screenplay ------------------ Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein 
Camera ---------------------- Alex Nepomniaschy 
Editors ----------------------- Debra Chiate, Marcelo Sansevieri 
Music ------------------------ David Newman 
Music supervisors ---------- Mary Ramos-Oden, Michele Kuznetsky 
Production designer -------- Steven Jordan 
Art director ----------------- William Hiney 
Set decorator ---------------- Suzette Sheets 
Costume designer ---------- Mona May 
Sound ------------------------ Keith A. Wester 
Assistant director ----------- Richard Graves 
Casting ---------------------- Justine Baddeley, Kim Davis 
MPAA Rated PG-13 for sex-related material and some drug content. 
Running time: 107 min 

In "Never Been Kissed", the movie, the story is about coming of age where Drew Barrymore as journalist gets tasked by her boss to do an undercover story on the teens of today. Drew makes an awkward teen even on her second visit to high school on assignment. That is until her brother, Rob, bails her out. Things start to turn around as the Prom night approaches. 

Romantic Comedy. 

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by Cathy East Dubowski 
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Fan Comments 
23 Jun - While watching the movie, I got the feeling that I've been falling for Michael Vartan. He's so handsome... the type of guy I've been dreaming of. I hope to find someone like him. 

20 Jun - I want to have Michael Vartan's baby!!!!! he is so damn hot. but i also loved the movie so so so much. it wouldn't have been the same with out Michael Vartan!!!! everyone should go see the movie!!!!

19 Jun - Michael Vartan is sooo hot, but its impossible to find any pics of him... could you help me?

18 Jun - Oh MaH gOoDnEsS.... MiChAeL vArtAn iS mAd PhLy!!! CaN hE gEt aNy HottEr?? I wAs DrOoliNg aLL ovEr Him.... PlEaSe SeNd Me pIcS oF dIs GoOd lOoKin StuD!!! ~ Sejin ny

16 Jun - It was a very good movie. Drew Berrymore did great. Jeremyy Jordan was cute and played the perfect "it" guy. But guess who stole teh show? MICHAEL VARTAN!!! He' sso cute. He looks just like Daniel Jones! Drool. Can't wait for the video! Ciao, Audrey

13 Jun - Hey i got the info on where to get the pics of Michael Vartan. For those of you who don't know this...Vartan also starred in a movie called "The Curve" with Matthew Lillard. It is available for rent from blockbuster for all of you who'd like to see this cutie again without going to the theatre. Also for pics of him simply look up websites on "The Curve" or go to http://www.matthewlillard.com/thecurvepics.htm for some cute pictures of him and the rest of the cast. i agree he is one of the sexiest men i have ever seen and though i didn't like Never Been Kissed all that much, the sight of him kept me on the edge of my seat and drooling:) 

13 Jun - I gotta say that Never Been Kissed is stupendous. Nevertheless, it certainly has a great plot & casts. The movie is romantic, touching & hilarious. Drew as Josie did a great job in portraying a geek back in her high school days... Michael as Sam was gorgeous & perfect for the role as a teacher! I couldn't take my eyes off him...Thumbs up for Never Been Kissed!!!

11 Jun - Just wanted to say that the movie was wonderful. It was also nice to see Michael take the lead for once. He has done so well as a supporting actor, but I have always seen him doing much better things. Micheal, you are a wonderful break from Leo, and Matt and all the other teen crazes. You are the real deal. keep up the great work. I support you 100%! And to the rest of the cast and crew, you were wonderful. -- Angel 

11 Jun - i loved the movie........ especially 'cause micheal vartan was in it... lee leesobieski was pretty too!!

10 Jun - Jeremy Jordan is ssssoooooo cut, I want to meet him soooo bad!

7 Jun - I'd j/like to say that Michael Vartan~ YOU AREE SOOOO HOTT!!! My friend and I are likee totally IN LUV w/him!!! The movie was great~ Drew was so lucky to be able to kiss him!! ahhh it was reeal sweeeeeet 

6 Jun - First off oh Yes Michael Vartan is so very hot! That was pretty funny about Rufus because I live on Rufus Dr. That was the best movie! I saw it a while ago but I just found this page! We have to give a little to David Arquette he is fine too!

6 Jun - Never Been Kissed was so incredibly awesome!!! I bought the soundtrack and it's great, Drew Barrymore is the awesomest, she's my fave actress. She did a great acting job and so did Michael Vartan.... CUTIE!!! Ragghhr!! Great movie -- A fan from MN 

6 Jun - It was a totally RUFUS! I abousoultly loved David Arquette! He was soooo funny! Michael Vartan is a total hottie!!!!! Omigosh! Never been kissed was an awesome movie (#1)!!!!!! I give it ****-four stars. And I think the Tikki Post is an awesome place to work!!!! -- *Keylee, NY* 

4 Jun - Ok, all the attention for the guys in this film makes no sense. Drew is my main squeeze, always was, always will be. We're talkin BIG CRUSH here, BIG. -LUCAS 

29 May - The first thing I want to say is MICHEAL VARTAN YOUR THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never been kissed is my FAVORITE movie. Drew Barymore was perfect for this movie she did GREAT. I LOVE YOU MICHEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Natalie, CA 

23 May - okay, first of all, Michael Vartan is soooooooooooooo hot!!! Never Been Kissed is an awesome movie, and nearly all of our friends almost cried at the end when it looked like he wouldn't show. MV rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

13 May - I personally thought the movie was the best. Better than Titanic. At the end when he kissed her, i started to cry because it was soooo romantic. I would love that to happen to me! -- Thanks A Fan 

6 May - The movie was so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! The teacher is so hot!!!!!!!!!! I am know in LOVE with Micheal Vartan!! Drew Barrymore was so lucky to have locked ,lips with him!! heather, Tn 

2 May - Oh my gosh! never been kissed was the absolute best movie! Michael Vartan is so HOT!!!! Does any one know of a good place to find pics of him? because Ive been all over the web trying to find them. --- Rachel. 

28 Apr - I have to agree Micheal Vartan is soooooo HOOOOOTTT!!! But I can't find any pictures of him! Drew Barrymore did and awesome job, and so did the costume and makeup designers. The made Drew look so good when she was younger ( If you know what I mean). I'll definitely go and buy the movie and soundtrack for it. -- Star 

25 Apr - Never been kissed is the best movie ever I so love Michael Vartan he is so hot!!!  Drew Barrymore is my Favorite actress. I'm hoping to see it again and when it comes out on video I'm going to buy it!!  @--,-'-- Crystal, Texas 

24 Apr - Never been kissed was the BEST movie!!!!!!!!!!! David Arquette was the perfect guy for "the" most popular guy Rob. I'm a HUGE fan of Drew Barrymore was great!!! It was "RUFUS"!!!!! -- diane 

20 Apr - MICHAEL VARTAN IS SOOOOO %$#@ FINE!!! I LOVED him when I first saw the preview for Never Been Kissed!! I have seen Never Been Kissed twice now, but I want to see MICHAEL more!!! My favorite part in the WHOLE MOVIE is when he was about to cry when he figured out that Josie got to him just for a story!!! I almost cried too. Could you tell me how to find Michael Vartan pics??? Drew is awesome!! She was the perfect fit for Josie. I first figured out his name when I waited for the credits, I LOVE HIM!!!  hehehe I also love the part where he got on the ferris wheel with her. He was SOOOOO CUTE!!! I also loved Molly Shannon in it, she was soooo funny!! I've never ever seen Michael before that movie, now I'm obsessed with him!!!  I LOVE YA MICHAEL!!!! -- Sinclaire from KC, Missouri 

19 Apr - This was the best movie I have seen. i relate well with Josie, and it is strange, but I also want to become a copy editor! weird eh? Well gotta go. -- Beckula 

16 Apr - I just saw the movie and I loved it!!! In a lot of ways I related to it very much. I was never popular in school, but I wasn't a nerd either. I had many friends, yet got teased and picked on quite often by other kids. Like Drews character I did not have my first kiss until I was 25 years old either. I never got asked out on a date in school and never went to my prom because I was not asked and did not wish to go stag like some of my friends did. The movie was touching and funny and brought back a lot of memories of my school days in the 70's. Some good and some not so good but at almost 38 years old If I were in the situation Drews character was in i would love to go back and do it again and maybe do some things differently. I only wish I had  hunky teachers like Michael Varten to get me threw the doldrums of school. -- Lisa  Las Vegas, NV 

16 Apr - Drew Barrymore was amazing!! I myself am a big Drew fan. It hurt me and made me cringe and almost made me walk out of the movie because of how they were treating her. But it's true, that's how high school is, almost down to a point. Very, very good producing, writing, and camera work. I loved it and would see it again and again and again. If you haven't seen is, see it. It is one of Drew's best acting shows. LIVE FOR HIM 

16 Apr - This movie was the BEST!  Michael Vartan is so HOT~~~!!!!!!!  I want to find pictures of him but i cant find 'em anywhere if you know where any are post where to find them up where these comments are! Drew your da bomb! best actress ever! you go girl! -- "milli" OH 

15 Apr - I seen Michael Varten 10-12 years ago in Los Angeles. I knew by then he will be "it." Since than I am pulling and thinking of his whereabouts re. him being an actor. Seen him in smaller roles  through out. I was sure someone will pay attention to him and his talent as well as his beauty. Congratulation, to whom give him the chance and to Miky. His demeanor and consistency with his shyness and humbleness did pay of combined with his talent. He will be the one "star" who will not abuse and will stay consistent to the huge demand what this business world puts on to him as a demand. He stayed consistent to his beliefs and that is a good reason to believe that he will be on and be here for a long time. His physical appearance do sell well, but don't underestimate him as a person. That is what people and the fans of him also picking up.  Miky, I told you about 10 years ago that you are beautiful and you turned shy. That was the only contact and since than. I meant not only the physical appearance but the personality itself as well. Miky, I believed you than and I this is I meant to say by that. My intuition was right than. I am older than to be a young girl fan. It was not that about then or now. I just like to congratulate you and wish you the best in your future. Congratulation. Stay consistent and believe in you, end the way you are. I did. I will fallow your courier from L.A. and I wish you the best. Keep up the good work. -- Zendum 

14 Apr - I loved this movie so much! It's better than I expected! Michael Vartan is super gorgeous! However, even if he wasn't in the movie, it still would have been 100% pure awesomeness! Drew Barrymore did an excellent job! -- K e L L y 

12 Apr - I just have one comment:  That movie was rufuss! 

12 Apr - I have seen this movie 4 times. The only thing I didn't like about the entire movie was in the previews for Never been Kissed there were more scenes with Josie and Sam, and we didn't get to see them. Michael Vartan is a total mystery and Drew is just a great actress. This movie makes you feel every emotion possible. Thank you. -- Kendra 

11 Apr - Never Been Kissed is the best movie ever!!!!! Oh my goodness, I absolutely fell in love with the movie, and even more with Michael Vartan. If you haven't seen it, you have to. It was awesome!!!! I want to go again very badly. It was the most romantic movie I have ever seen. I cried, and laughed, and through it all, I had a feel good happy feeling.  A definite  must see. 

11 Apr - I saw the movie first on Friday and loved it!! Then I saw it again Saturday night! It is the best movie I have seen in a long time. Never Been Kissed is so doja! Plus Michael Vartan, the guy who plays Sam Coulson, the teacher, is super fine!! 

10 Apr - I saw the movie like 2-3 hrs ago. It was awesome!!!!! I loved it! Michael Varton is sooooo hot!!!!!! I sat through the ending credits to find out his name. I cried so much @ the end cuz I thought he wasn't going to show up. When he finally did, I cried more cuz it was sooooo beautiful. Those of you who hadn't seen it yet, go see it!!! Also, it was very realistic. Everyone in the movie acted really well. 

10 Apr - I LOVE MICHAEL VARTAN SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!$@%! I saw "Never Been Kissed" the day it came out at 3:00 pm. The moment I saw this actor I immediately fell in love at first sight. I kept repeating to myself I've got to find out this actor's name. When the movie was over I sat through all the ending credits. I finally figured out my loves name. It was MICHAEL VARTAN. And such a man he grew up to be !!!!! Cause I saw a picture of him when he was young. I can't eat or sleep very much cause I've been thinking of him so much! If you're reading this Michael you are a very special talented man not to mention you're a hotty too! This was the best movie ever! And DREW, YOU GO GIRL!!!!$$$%%%**#!! I saw that kiss at the end of the movie!!!! That was perfect!!! I started to cry cause I thought Sam wasn't going to come but he did so I was very pleased!! You are my #1 actress in the world. You got something going that no one has and you are the most special person on earth!!!! You go girl!!!! -- Rachel, Alex.VA 

10 Apr - Michael Vartan is so gorgeous, it is unfortunate he isn't in more scenes. David Arquette was perfect as "Mr. Rob." Leelee Sobieski was perfect as her character, Aldys. And Drew Barrymore was terrific. Never Been Kissed brought forth the painful years of high school for most of the audience -- there was much groaning and shrinking in seats. Never Been Kissed is one of those movies that you must not compare your life with. Keep telling yourself, "It's fiction; It's fiction; It's fiction." But wouldn't it be nice if we could have Hollywood Happy Endings. The credits were the most clever that I have ever seen and helped to bring the real world back, so you don't leave still immersed in Sugar Land. 

9 Apr - The movie was phat. Drew is still incredibly endearing. She is awesome for not caring about how bad she looks during her "geek" stage. The chemistry between Michael Vartan and Drew made everyone teary-eyed. Worth seeing if you're a sucker for love and Drew! -- Gwendolyn (NJ) 


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