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    . The Odd Couple II 
    Release date: 10 April 1998 
    The Odd  Couple II Official Web Site 
    Credits . Cast: 
  • Jack Lemmon -------- as Felix Ungar
  • Walter Matthau ------ as Oscar Madison
  • Christine Baranski --- as Thelma
  • Barnard Hughes ----- as Beaumont, cameo as a slow driver
  • Jonathan Silverman -- as Brucey Madison, Oscar's son
  • Jean Smart ------------ as Holly
  • Lisa Waltz ------------- as Hannah Unger, Felix's daughter
  • Mary Beth Peil ------- as Felice
  • Doris Belack ---------- as Blanche Madison Povitch
  • Ellen Geer ------------- as Frances Ungar Melnick
  • Jay O. Sanders ------- as Jay Jay
  • Peggy Miley
  • Alice Ghostly
  • Mary Fogerty
  • Rebecca Schull
  • Florence Stanley
  • Lou Cutell
  • Directed by: Howard Deutch 
    Produced by: Neil Simon, Robert W. Cort, David Madden 
    Executive producer: 
    Music by: Alan Silvestri 
    Production design by: Dan Bishop 
    Assistant director: Jeff Knipp 
    Costume design by: Lisa Jensen 
    Director of photography: Jamie Anderson 
    Edited by: Seth Flaum 
    Written by: Neil Simon 
    Rated PG-13 
    Running time 96 min 


    . The movie (The Odd Couple II) is the sequel to the 1968 hit comedy movie. There was the original 1965 play and the 1970's sitcom. The movie takes place 30 years later. Oscar's son, Brucey,  and Felix's daughter, Hannah,  plan to get married. Oscar and Felix meet at the Los Angeles airport and together drive a rental car to the high desert community for the wedding. 
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