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The Prince of Egypt
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The Prince of Egypt 
Release date: 18 December 1998
Prince of Egypt Official Site
DreamWorks Pictures
Voice Talent: 
  • Val Kilmer -------- Moses
  • Ralph Fiennes ----- Rameses
  • Michelle Pfeiffer -- Tzipporah
  • Sandra Bullock ---- Miriam
  • Jeff Goldblum ----- Aaron
  • Danny Glover ----- Jethro
  • Partick Stewart --- Seti
  • Helen Mirren ----- The Queen
  • Steve Martin ------ Hotep
  • Martin Short ------ Huy



    Directed by ------------- Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner, Simon Wells 
    Produced by ------------- Penney Finkelman Cox, Sandra Rabins 
    Executive producer ----- Jeffrey Katzenberg 
    Associate producer ----- Ron Rocha 
    Original Songs by ------- Stephen Schwartz 
    Score Composed by ---- Hans Zimmer 
    Art directors ------------- Kathy Altieri, Richard Chavez 
    Production designer ---- Darek Gogol 
    Supervising editor ------ Nick Fletcher 
    Supervising production manager -- Ken Tsumura 
    Production manager --- Bill Damaschke 
    Artistic Supervisors Story -- Kelly Asbury, Lorna Cook 
    Writer story ------------ Philip LaZebnik 
    MPAA Rated PG for intense depiction of thematic elements. 
    Running time: 97 min. 

    Top Photo - Moses (center foreground left) and Rameses (center foreground right), L-R: Aaron, Miriam, Tzipporah, Hotep, Huy, Pharaoh Seti, Queen.
    Center Photo - The Queen (center) discovers a mysterious basket floating on the Nile River.
    Bottom Photo - Rameses (left) and Moses are two brothers.
    Val Kilmer as Moses, born a Hebrew slave, raised as a prince of Egypt, and chosen to lead his people out of bondage Ralph Fiennes as Rameses, the prince who grows up to be Pharaoh
    Sandra Bullock as Moses' courageous sister Miriam Jeff Goldblum as Moses' older brother Aaron Michelle Pfeiffer as Tzipporah, the Midianite shepherdess who becomes the wife of Moses
    Danny Glover as Jethro, the high priest of  Midian and Tzipporah's father Patrict Stewart as Pharaoh Seti
    Steve Martin as Hotep, one of the Pharaoh's court magicians Helen Mirren as the Queen who discovers the baby Moses in a basket on the Nile Martin Short as Huy, one of the Pharaoh's court magicians
    The Prince of Egypt soundtrack features performances by: Boys II Men (above left); and two of the top female recording artists Whitney Houston (far right) and Mariah Carey shown here during the video shoot for the single, "When You Believe".
    "The Prince of Egypt - Nashville" album - (above left to right) Album executive producer and head of DreamWorks Records Nashville James Stroud; Performers Alison Krauss, Wynonna, and Clint Black.
    "The Prince of Egypt - Inspirational" - (left to right) Executive producer and head of DreamWorks Records Urban Division Jheryl Busby; performers Donnie McClurkin, Shirley Ceasar, Fred Hammond, Ce Ce Winans, Brian McKnight, Christian.
    In "The Prince of Egypt", the movie tells the story of two men - one born a prince, the other born a slave. A lie made them brothers; the truth will destroy a kingdom and forever separate them ... in faith ... in heritage ... in destiny. This full-length animated feature stars Val Kilmer and Ralph Fiennes as two brothers. This is the story of Moses and his passage from slave to prince. 

    Helping to tell the story are six new songs written by Academy Award®-winning lyricist Stephen Schwartz ("Pocahontas") and a score composed by Academy Award® -winning composer Hans Zimmer ("The Lion King"). The film also features the handiwork of more than 350 animators, artists and technicians. 

    Computer Animation - Some scenes of note. The final epilogue shot alone depicts over 146,000 fully animated characters. One technical breakthrough is the exposure tool developed by DreamWorks in conjunction with Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI). The exposure tool facilitates the seamless integration of 2-D and 3-D elements in a scene. For instance, one scene at the end of the prologue. As the scene pulls away from the Queen's tranquil water garden, the camera steadily rises up through a high scaffolding on which Hebrew slaves labor under the desert sun, finally revealing the vast panorama of the Egyptian Empire. The exposure tool allowed layout artist Harold Kraut to compose the first animated crane shot that encompasses hundreds of 2-D and 3-D elements simultaneously. 

    Another scene is the breakneck chariot race through the city between the young Moses and Rameses. The two princes are traditional hand-drawn animation, as are their horses. while the chariots are 3-D props. As the cameras follow the rushing chariots, the walls of the city, another traditionally hand painted element, seem to fly by. Using rapid cutting and constantly shifting angles, the cameras continue to keep pace with Moses and Rameses as they careen through the streets and alleys onto a scaffolding, which collapses. The young men narrowly miss being crushed by a huge stone nose that breaks off a statue, only to be swept away by a river of sand when the embankment they are on gives way. This sequence required a combination of complex camera work and the marriage of 3-D computer generated elements (the scaffolding, the chariots, the sand and the nose) with traditional 2-D elements (the princes, their horses, some clouds of dust and the painted backgrounds). 

    VHS - DVD - "The Prince of Egypt" is scheduled to be released simultaneously on both VHS and DVD formats on 14 September 1999. Expect to see a major multimillion-dollar marketing campaign. Predictions are that the consumer purchase intent for the videocassette of "The Prince of Egypt" to be very strong, perhaps the top selling video of the holiday retail season. Reported 14 May 1999. 

    NBC - NBC has the broadcast rights to "Antz" and "The Prince of Egypt" in a deal that includes corresponding network specials. NBC to have 3 runs of each of the films beginning in 2001. As part of the deal, NBC has agreed to air network specials about "Ants" and "Egypt" near their respective release dates. NBC will produce a holiday special to air in December featuring music from the film "The Prince of Egypt". Among the highlights will be new songs written by Oscar-winning lyricist Stephen Schwartz ("Pochontas") and excerpts from the "Egypt's" score by composer Hans Zimmer ("The Lion King"). 

    1999 - 71st Annual Academy Awards Winner - Original Song The Prince of Egypt "When You Believe" Music and Lyric by Stephen Schwartz 

    Deliver Us - Performed by Ofra Haza and Eden Riegel 
    All I Ever Wanted - Performed by Amick Byram 
    Queen's Reprise - Performed by Linda Dee Shayne 
    Through Heaven's Eyes - Performed by Brian Stokes Mitchell 
    Playing with the Big Boys - Performed by Steve Martin and Martin Short 
    The Plagues - Performed by Ralph Fiennes and Amick Byram 
    When You Believe - Performed by Michelle Pfeiffer and Sally Dworsky 
    When You Believe (from The Prince of Egypt) - Performed by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. 

    imho - Don't look for a Saturday morning cartoon here. This is a serious film for the grown-ups with much detail attention to the biblical version particularly in time and place. (For the purist, baby Moses is not found by the daughter but instead rescued by the Pharaoh's wife. This to establish a sibling brother-prince relationship between Moses and Rameses.) Ok, so you know the ending. They escape through the parting of the Red Sea. The computer animation is outstanding and state of the art. The music renditions flow nicely with the story line. The movie centers on the conflict between Moses and his brother Rameses. In the movie, Moses and Rameses are brothers who continue to care for each other to the very last. Given the time constraints and the limitations on deviations from the subject material, it's an approach to the plot that works very well. The strong point of the movie is the extraordinary computer animation that is so seamlessly done that you almost forget you are watching a computer-animated movie. As for the very young kids, I don't think the scenes such as the whipping of slaves will effect them as much as the 97 minutes and mature subject matter. The chariot race is exciting and well done but much of the movie is oriented to the relationships of Moses, which might bore some of the younger kids. Excellent animation in an adult movie. Highly recommended. Reviewed Friday 11 December. 

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    Hardcover - 32 pages (November 1998) 

    Fan Comments
    4 May - What a wonderful movie. Not only was it true, but also animated extremely well. I'm so glad a movie was made based on the Bible. It was definitely an inspiration to anyone who saw the movie. Keep it up DreamWorks. The Prince of Egypt definitely rocked the big
    screen!!!!! -- Kayla
    P.S. I wish it would have stayed out longer, so my Dad could've seen on the big screen. It annoys me to see that some movies that were not as good as The Prince of Egypt are still out. Good Work DreamWorks. Awesome movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11 Apr - My family and I went to see The Prince of Egypt in January.  Just a week ago some of my kids friends came down from Oregon.  One day we were planing to go on a hike but the weather was bad so we decided to go to a movie, my kids suggested The Prince of Egypt.  I was smiling because I knew your movie touched their hearts.  Their friends enjoyed it.  We have the soundtrack and we are planing on buying the movie.  Please keep doing good films like this one. Hilary-Utah

    16 Feb - Our whole family went to see Prince of Egypt - ages 23-46 - all of us were tremendously touched and impacted by this extraordinary film.  And though it was animation we found ourselves inspired by God Himself.  We are still talking about it, playing the soundtracks and tearing up at the lyrics such as  "Through Heaven's Eyes". Never again will we read the story of Moses as we have before. You reminded us of his humanness. You showed us his heart and his family and God's guidance in his life and his people's. This renews our  faith in God's power to change lives, especially our own. It reminds and reinforces our belief that He will show Himself again and free us all from life's "bondage". Praise to God who guided the creating of this film.  Thank you so much.

    12 Feb - The Prince Of Egypt was a wonderful movie that my family really enjoyed. Although we had seen it opening weekend, my two sons still take about it and keep asking me when it is going to come out on video. 

    29 Jan - I saw this movie with my sister, and I thought it was very well done. I went out and bought the soundtrack that very same day, and ever since I have been listening to a few of the songs at night and they are so relaxing that it is easier for me to fall asleep. -- Karen

    24 Jan - A great movie for all ages! - Elaine

    24 Jan - Thank you DreamWorks for putting such a good family movie out. You didn't sway from the truth of the bible. You glorified God as we all should. My family has been boycotting Disney for the past several years and are so happy that there is another company out there that can take Disney's place. Bravo!!! How about putting out a movie about the book of Daniel. There is so much there; the lion's den, Nebuchadnezzar putting Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the furnace, the writing on the wall, etc. Just a suggestion! -- Michelle, Smithfield, VA 

    23 Jan - I saw this movie today, and I came out uplifted, and feeling great. Seeing the Red Sea parting was so amazing and striking. It made me almost jealous of all of those lucky Hebrews who got the wonderful opportunity to see that breath-taking sight in real-life. Thanks for giving me a taste of how beautiful it must have been. I never thought of Moses and the Pharaoh being friends. I like that perspective. Thanks for witnessing to the world with this great movie, to show everyone God's power. I know for a fact that it touched many lives. It is so much better than those animated super heroes, because we know that this is a true story. THE PRINCE OF EGYPT is a movie that I could watch over and over again. (Believe me I will!!!) I want to take all of my friends to see it. I want them to feel the way I did when I watched it. Make more of these wonderful (that's not even a good enough word to describe it) movies! PLEASE!! 

    21 Jan - Watch out Disney! Prince of Egypt was an absolutely phenomenal production; one my entire family thoroughly enjoyed. We walked out of the movie really feeling good; it stirred up many emotions & was very thought-provoking. Everything, the music, the story line (and how closely it followed the biblical story), and especially the beautiful and powerful animation and graphics were superb. We were all riveted to our chairs, including our six and four year-old boys. I must admit, I was somewhat skeptical about the movie, wondering if Moses's character would be badly & falsely tainted (as with so many movies today), but I was presently surprised at the pristine presentation. Kudo's to all of you, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep up the GREAT work. We desperately need more productions like this one. I believe the movie was, by far, underrated. I wonder why??? 

    7 Jan - I saw the "Prince of Egypt" on December 26 and I must say it was wonderful. I took my nephew and niece along with me and they enjoyed it also. My favorite part was the parting of the Red Sea and how it was depicted. One would automatically think that the waters would have went outwards but the film depicted the water going straight up and that was awesome. I had never perceived it that way before but that surely could have been how it happened. Another favorite portion of the movie is when the blood is put on the doorposts during the final plague of death to all the firstborns of Egypt. The scripture was read, "and when I see the blood, I will pass over you". That was most outstanding and certainly the most spiritually uplifting portion of the movie.  The animation was superb and I couldn't have been more pleased. Thanks for the wonderful movie and I hope to see more like this in the future. The ultimate movie would be a depiction of the birth of Jesus complete with all the shepherds, wisemen, and kings! -- Rosanne

    6 Jan - I went to see Prince Of Egypt on Dec. 26, and I absolutely LOVED it! I had read many reviews (in both secular and Christian magazines) and had seen the show about it on TBN, so I was very excited about seeing the movie. The animation, the music, the background scenery and the story were all excellent! I especially liked the parting of the Red Sea. I have loved the story of Moses since I was little, so it was great to see a whole movie about him. I'm going to see it again this Sunday, and I already plan to buy the video as soon as it comes out. Thank you so much for making a movie that actually promotes God! I hope more movie like this will be made, movies that don't scorn values or put God down. -- Charlotte

    6  Jan - I saw the "Prince of Egypt" over the holidays with my sister and my niece. Awesome! I was absolutely impressed with the artistry and deeply moved by the dramatic beauty. As a Navy chaplain I was encouraged to see such a God honoring and stirring portrayal of the biblical story. I believe that the Lord has blessed your work. Bear in mind that you can expect God to continue to bless that which reveres Him. You got a good thing going here - please produce more! -- Chaplain George Mendes, U. S. Navy

    5 Jan - I am VERY impressed of the turn out of this movie. I am now very sure that Disney may not always be the best at animating stories. What makes me even happier about the movie is that you barely changed it at all. And that you bothered to point out to the world that it is a TRUE story. I think it's one of the best movies I have seen for a long time. It's Great -- Michelle

    4 Jan - Saw the "Prince of Egypt" over the holidays!  What a wonderful presentation of the story of Moses!  You did a great job Dreamworks!!!!! -- Larry and Sandy

    3 Jan - I saw the movie first to pre-view in order to see if it was something I wanted my children to see. My heart swelled and the tears rolled. When we took the children, ages 4 and 7, I prepared them on the way by reminding them of the story of baby Moses in the river, explained to them the concept of slavery and the concept of a kingdom. They were prepared, then, when the first images were depicted of abuse to slaves. The 4 yr. old knew exactly who the characters were...identifying the Queen, Miriam, and Pharoah Seti all by herself. The 7 yr. old held on and sobbed when Rameses finally gave the Hebrews leave to go. My children are home schooled, and we will dedicate the next semester's Bible studies to Exodus, using the conflicts of Godliness vs. worldliness, faith vs. non belief, and the concepts so eloquently worded in the beautiful songs. Speilberg: I have a message for you...MORE MORE MORE! And thank you for not letting the world believe that you are capitalizing on the Bible by pushing actions figures, etc. through all the fast food joints! -- Diane, Idaho 

    2 Jan - My husband and I saw this movie tonight. I had to wipe the tears from my eyes over and over, because of the beauty of the story, the most excellent animation, and the stories put forth in wonderful song. We would see this movie again, it stirs the heart.  Thank you for making such a masterpiece! -- Shane and Sue

    1 Jan 99 -- For a family outing to end our Christmas holidays my husband suggested that we take our two kids to see your movie. We were warned about the fact that our 4 and 6 yr. olds may find the movie scary. Our children know the story well and we felt that although the content may be graphic, they know the purposes as to why the story unfolds the way that it does. We loved it. It is really about time that there is an alternative to Disney's movies. We have boycotted the Disney movies in the last several years due to the malicious content and the fact that the kids are being mislead about historical events (e.g. Pocahontas). We were so moved by the performances and the beauty of the movie. When thru Moses, God turned the water to blood there was gasps in the audience. Truly you and your staff are talented and we will throw our support and money at your next endeavors. Kent and Kimberly, British Columbia, Canada 

    1 Jan 99 - I am a pastor's daughter, and loved the movie! It lifted my spirits, and made me think about the fact that Moses and Pharoh did associate with each other. Good work!!!! -- Cilla in PrairieView, Kansas

    31 Dec - It's great!!! My entire family enjoyed the Prince of Egypt. My wife and I took our children for Family Fun Night really expecting to see something that our children would enjoy. I think we enjoyed as much or more than they did. The way it presented the power of God was just awesome. It was one of only two movies we saw this year. We'd love to go more often, and take our children, to see other movies which display positive values.

    30 Dec - I loved Prince of Egypt.  I am currently studying to be a minister and I plan on using this movie with some of my children's ministries.  The thing that bothered me was the way Aaron's part of the Exodus was left out of the movie.  I will be going to see it again.  I love how Walmart has those great gift packs so people can give the gift of seeing this wonderful movie. --Anne

    30 Dec - Whow!!!! I was stunned by the Prince of Egypt......... Pleasantly stunned to see the unadulterated TRUTH come across the silver screen. Although in some ways pale in comparison to the miracles God performed through Moses, Prince of Egypt is a miracle for Hollywood. Thank you and congratulations to DreamWorks...don't stop now...you've got a good thing going. This movie is a must for everyone. Read the book of Exodus to your kids and then take them to see this movie. -- Carper - Uvalde, Texas

    30 Dec - Who said Christianity is boring? I took my six-year old daughter to see Prince of Egypt. We were both moved to tears. We are Christians and having studied the Passover as well as the Hebrew heritage of our faith made this presentation ever so more stunning. My prayer is that more worthwhile family entertainment like this can be produced. Thank you DreamWorks!

    29 Dec - I've seen The Prince of Egypt twice now and I really like it.  My brother says I border on obsession, but I don't know about that.  I really appreciate DreamWorks making such a wonderful movie.  I don't know how well this movie will do monetarily, I find it unfortunate that movies like "You've Got Mail" come in ahead of it at the box office, but I hope that regardless of gain, The Prince of Egypt won't be the first and last biblical story that DreamWorks brings to the big screen. --Amy

    29 Dec - I appreciated the fact that Prince of Egypt presented the truth that the God of the Old Testament miraculously delivered His people.  Thanks for artistically portraying that great deliverance.

    29 Dec - I had nothing to do on the 27th and so we all went to the cinema. When someone said the Prince of Egypt I thought it would just be like one of those boring Disney films. However, it was great fun and I really recommend it. It was nice to see DreamWorks trying something new.

    28 Dec - Wonderful, it was fantastic taking my kids to see a movie that I did not have to worry about what was said, or went against our belief. I took them to see the Rugrats movie and was shocked that they had to ad that one line. The way Price of Egypt was done gave me a whole new perspective on the personal life and feelings of Moses. DreamWorks has done an excellent job with this movie; we can't wait to see it again. Thank you for listening to what people really want, looking forward to more Biblically based movies.
    P.S. I must admit, I was skeptical of the movie and probably would not have went and seen it, but I saw the program on TBN, and found out that it was endorsed by many in the Christian community. I have called TBN and asked them to run it again, I don't want anyone to miss this movie.

    27 Dec - I thought this movie was so moving! It portrayed Moses not just a story, but a larger than life person that God used to do his miracles. It is wonderful as a Christian to see a movie that is good for the whole family. I believe that this movie will touch many lives and help show people that our God really is a God of miracles. Who knows, maybe people will come to know Christ through this movie!

    27 Dec - A Catholic Friend and I have just returned from the movie and enjoyed it immensely. Great movie telling a great story. Thank you for the good time and pleased keep churning out good movies. Thank-You Dream Works. -- James

    27 Dec - While on vacation this Christmas, my whole family and I went to see the Prince of Egypt. We found it to be spectacular. My whole family is a Bible believing, Christian family and we found this secular film to be very close to the narrative of Moses that can be found in the Old Testament of the Bible. We thought it was the best animated film that is filled with the true meaning of bravery and faith. We liked it so much we will see it again!!!

    26 Dec - I'm a very emotional person even though I rarely cry at movies. Because of the immense beauty of this film in it's entirety, it's raw and intense depiction of faith, it's moments of desperation saved by divine grace, all the way down to the highly moving music, 'The Prince of Egypt' brought out the tears in me nearly six times. It has helped me reaffirm my beliefs and has become a significant stepping stone in my daily leap of faith. Thank you DreamWorks. -- Brendan

    24 Dec - I went and saw Prince of Egypt yesterday, the 23 of December. All I have to say is that I walked out of the theatre with my faith TOTALLY changed. This movie made me see that God can use all people, if they would just let Him. I want to be like Moses. I want to be able to Hear God's voice so clear and strong. This was an incredible movie, and I'm seeing it again on Saturday. If you haven't seen it yet, see it soon! Thanks so much, and God Bless! In Him -- Heather

    23 Dec - An excellent movie that will change the way people look at animated films. Awesome animation and dazzling special effects enhance the story beautifully. I would recommend it to anyone regardless of their religious beliefs.

    23 Dec - I found this movie to be very uneven.  It was serious and inspirational at times, silly at others.  The parting of the Red Sea was truly an awesome achievement; but who drew those sheep?  Even Saturday morning toons have more detailed animals!  I suppose the sheep were the budget's sacrificial lambs!!!  Aside from the fact that this film should have been serious and inspirational throughout, and consistently animated, I also think it failed as a musical.  I liked the main theme, which would have worked as background soundtrack, with or without lyrics.  But the rest of the songs were really lousy.  I think this is a muddled effort.  Too bad. -- David

    23 Dec - A couple of friends and myself went to see Prince of Egypt on opening night even though the theater was packed we still enjoyed the movie immensely. We all can't wait until the video comes out. Congrats to the people at DreamWorks on a blockbuster hit! Keep them coming.

    22 Dec - We thought the movie was great!  As a Christian it is good to see movies coming out that the whole family can go to and feel good about.  Not all cartoon movies are for children either due to content or graphic violence.  I would recommend this to any of my friends. - Bill

    21 Dec - We took our granddaughter to see it last night. She was really interested in the whole movie. This is the first one that she has sat through the entire movie. We both enjoyed it too. I highly recommend it for the whole family. This is great to start the young children off with the Bible story of Moses.

    21 Dec - I recently saw "The Prince of Egypt," and I thought that it a was very powerful. It is much better than "The Ten Commandments" from the 50s. I thought that the animation and special effects were absolutely incredible. This movie is one of the best of the year.

    20 Dec - Our family went to see The Prince of Egypt on opening night and absolutely loved it. It was great to see a movie that was from the Bible and portrayed so beautifully. My 2 year old loved it and we plan to buy it when it comes out on video. We bought the gift pack with the movie tickets, CD and book in it and were disappointed when we could not keep the stub that had the hologram on it. The man at the movies said they had to keep it. Oh well, other than that, I have told others how fantastic it was. Keep up the great work.

    19 Dec -I am a Seminarian studying to be a priest for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  I saw Prince of Egypt.  I loved it!  I though that is was so much more realistic than the Ten Commandments!  What the DreamWorks team did was a great thing!  Keep it up!

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