Snake Eyes
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Title . Snake Eyes 
Release date: 7 August 1998 
Snake Eyes Official Web Site 
Paramount / DreamWorks
Credits . Cast: 
  • Nicolas Cage -------- Detective Rick Santoro
  • Gary Sinise ---------- Major Kevin Dunne, was suppose to protect the defense chieg
  • John Heard ---------- Gilbert Powell
  • Carla Gugino -------- Julia Costello, the missing "blonde"
  • Stan Shaw ----------- Lincoln Tyler
  • Kevin Dunn ---------- Lou Logan
  • Michael Rispoli ------ Jimmy George
  • Joel Fabiani --------- Charles Kirkland
  • Luis Guzman -------- Cyrus
  • David Anthony Higgins -- Ned Campbell
  • Mike Starr --------- Walt McGahn
  • Tamara Tunie ------- Anthea
  • Chip Zien ----------- Mickey Alter
  • Directed by ------------ Brian De Palma 
    Produced by ----------- Brian De Palma 
    Executive producer ---- Louis A. Stroller 
    Associate producer ----- Jeff Levine, Chris Soldo 
    Assistant director ------ Chris Soldo 
    Camera --------------- Stephen H. Burum 
    Music ----------------- Ryuichi Sakamoto 
    Production design ----- Anne Pritchard 
    Costume design ------- Odette Gadoury 
    Editing by ------------- Bill Pankow 
    Written by ------------ David Koepp 
    Story by -------------- Brian De Palma, David Koepp 
    Rated R 
    Running time 99 min 

    . Snake Eyes, the movie, is the thriller whodunit with special effects. A cop who was at a boxing match at an Atlantic City casino sets out to find out who killed one of the spectators - the U.S. Secretary of Defense who happened to be sitting in the row behind Detective Santoro. Santoro quickly finds out that things don't add up while he locks the doors with 14,000 fight fans inside. Did Dunne really nail the supposed assassin? Was that a phantom punch that brought down the champ? And where is that blonde? 

    Effects - 30 shots in the movie by Industrial Light & Magic of which most are in a 12-minute sequence of rough weather in Atlantic City complete with a 20-foot tidal wave that crashes into the boardwalk causing havoc on the Powell Millennium Hotel Casino. 

    Much of the movie was shot at the old Forum in Montreal. 

    Action Thriller 

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