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  • . Two Girls and a Guy 
    Release date: 24 April 1998 NY/LA and other select areas 
    Release date: May 1998 for wider  opening 
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    Credits . Cast: 
  • Robert Downey Jr.--------- Blake Allen, struggling actor returning from LA
  • Heather Graham ----------- Carla, smart, sophisticated, reserved
  • Natasha Wagner ----------- Lou, vivacious, sexy, sassy, outspoken
  • Angel David ---------------- Tommy
  • Frederique Van Der Wal -- Carol
  • Directed by: James Toback 
    Written by: James Toback 
    Edited by: Alan Oxman 
    Produced by: Chris Hanley, Edward R. Pressman 
    Executive producers: Daniel Bigel, Mike Mailer 
    Director of Photography: Barry Markowitz 
    Production design by: Kevin Thompson 
    Rated R for a strong sex scene, strong language and sexual dialogue, and for a violent image. 

    . Two Girls and a Guy, the movie, is about two girls, Carla and Lou, that meet while waiting for their boyfriends only to discover that their boyfriends are the same guy. Well, so much for the double life that their philandering boyfriend has been living. Think you are good at acting Blake? Then let's see how you talk your way out of this one. 
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