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  • . Very Bad Things 
    Release date: 25 November 1998 
    Very Bad Things Official Web Site
    Polygram - distributor in US 
    Interscope Communications - production company which happens to be owned by Polygram 
    Credits . Cast: 
  • Christian Slater --------- Robert Boyd
  • Cameron Diaz ---------- Laura
  • Daniel Stern ------------ Adam Berkow
  • Jon Favreau ------------ Kyle Fisher
  • Tyler Cole Malinger --- Timmy
  • Leland Orser ----------- Charles Moore
  • Jeremy Piven ---------- Michael Berkow
  • Jeanne Tripplehorn ---- Lois
  • Joey Zimmerman ------ Ad
  • Directed by: Peter Berg 
    Produced by: Michael Schiffer, Cindy Cowan, Diane Nabatoff 
    Executive producer: Ted Field, Michael A. Helfant, Scott Kroopf, Christian Slater 
    Line producer: Laura Greenlee 
    Associate producer: Joanna Johnson 
    Production Design by: Dina Lipton 
    Written by: Peter Berg 
    Director of Phography: David Hennings 
    Rated R for strong, grisly violence, sexuality, drug use and language. 

    . In "Very Bad Things", the story is centered about a Las Vegas bachelor party that goes terribly wrong. Dead bodies, attempted cover-up, and five young men who turn on each other. 

    Terrifying comedy. May be a bit edgy for some. 

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