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What Dreams May Come 
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What Dreams May Come 
Release date: 2 October 1998 
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Robin Williams -------- Chris Nielsen 
Cuba Gooding Jr. ----- Albert 
Annabella Sciorra ----- Annie Nielsen 
Max von Sydow ------- The Tracker 
Jessica Brooks Grant -- Marie Nielsen 
Josh Paddock ---------- Ian Nielsen 
Rosalind Chao --------- Leona 

Directed by --------------- Vincent Ward 
Produced by -------------- Barnet Bain, Stephen Simon 
Co-produced by ---------- Alan C. Blomquist 
Executive producer ------ Ted Field, Erica Huggins, Scott Kroopf, Ron Bass 
Production designer ------ Eugenio Zanetti 
Director of photography -- Eduardo Serra 
Music by ------------------ Michael Kamen 
Costume Design by ------ Yvonne Blake 
Set designers ------------ Erin Kemp, Dawn Swiderski, Aric Lasher 
Visual effects producer/supervisor --------- Ellen M. Somers 
Special visual effects and digital animation -- Digital Domain 
Editing by ----------------- David Brenner, Maysie Hoy 
Written by ---------------- Ron Bass 
Based on novel by ------- Richard Matheson 
Rated PG-13 for thematic elements involving death, some disturbing images and language. 
Running time 113 min 
The movie, "What Dreams May Come", is the story of romance set in the afterlife. Robin Williams attempts to reunite with his wife after death. His host in the hereafter is Cuba Gooding Jr. as Albert. And yes, Robin Williams goes through hell. 

Vivid 19th century romantic paintings for the colorful landscape adds an intriguing technical aspect to the film. 

"What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson
by Richard Matheson 
Mass Market Paperback (October 1998) 
"Score - What Dreams May Come
Audio CD (October 13, 1998) 

Fan Comments 
14 Feb - Two things I noticed about this movie: the repetitious appearances of mountains and water. Worldwide, the mountain usually represents the abode of a higher spiritual being, what Christians call God and the Greeks Zeus. And water usually symbolizes birth. I find it striking that even the path towards Hell is water. This movie reminds me of Carl Sagan's luminous article "The Amniotic Universe".

Fan writes 6 Jan 99 - As I watched this movie, I felt a sense of confirmation that all I've learned in this lifetime is real. But I have to admit that I am stunned that it was so shunned at the box office! When I see the numbers of other movies, I have to shake my head with sad regret. The world was not ready for this movie. Poor World! 

Fan writes 18 Oct - I absolutely loved that movie. Sooo much better that Titanic. Very, very creative, the producer must have spent a long time to think about all the details, the painting, the dead souls in the ocean. Man, I cried 4 times, and I don't ever cry when I watch drammas. It was the most beautiful, wonderful, and sweetest movie. - from a  fan D. 

Fan writes 17 Oct - This was the most remarkable film I've seen. It beautifully demonstrated the truth of existence and love. It has inspired me to search for that truth in my own life. Many thanks to all who were involved in its creation, especially Richard Matheson. 

Fan writes 16 Oct - I loved the movie partly because, having just seen it, I still need to do some unpacking of its layers.  It runs deep in allusions though it is perhaps too patriarchal. 

Fan writes 16 Oct - How absolutely breathtaking to see with our hearts and souls where the extension of life could lead us!  Wonderful!  Mind Boggling, but this movie is too deep to see with the mind - only the human spirit could comprehend the real blessing!  Let's hear from some biblical scholars on the close relationship to Revelation!  Fantastic!  Unfortunately, these heavy plots probably won't sell or win awards - people do not want to admit they are going to die someday! 

Fan writes 15 Oct - Wonderful! The movie was unlike anything else I have ever seen. I've seen all movies, practically, and this is unbelievable. Very creative, I cried, it brings out the romance that we all look for. To know without that person, your existence meant nothing, by being with that person brought out your inner self. That love was so strong, would be willing to change your existence for that person. This movie brought out so many things! I for one think that Robin and Annabella were perfect for this role. I give it 10 thumbs up!   

Fan writes 13 Oct - This movie is unbelievable.  I cried the whole time.  It is definitely something to see with someone that you love. 

Fan writes 8 Oct - Robin Williams has never let me down with his performance in a movie, and this was no exception the rule.  This movie was phenomenal, simply exquisite. The fluidity of the plot, the fantastic scenery, the symbology and physical imagery of it all, the philosophical implications were all breathtaking while leaving a lot open for individual interpretation.  One would have to see this movie more than once to consciously digest all of the spiritual ramifications embedded in this movie.  Bravo! 

Fan writes 5 Oct - I have never disliked a Robin Williams' movie.  This one was intriguing.  I will definitely see it again.  Set design was unbelievable.  Story line was unbelievable.  I hope people will go to this movie with an open mind and take from it what it gives ... 

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