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Wing Commander Movie
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Wing Commander
Release date: 12 March 1999 
Wing Commanader Official Web Site
20th Century Fox

Freddie Prinze Jr. ----------- Chris Blair
Saffron Burrows ------------ “Angel” Deveraux
Matthew Lillard ------------- “Maniac” Marshall
Tcheky Karyo --------------- Paladin
Jurgen Prochnow ----------- Gerald
David Suchet ---------------- Sansky
David Warner -------------- Tolwyn 

Directed by ------------------- Chris Roberts
Executive producers --------- Joseph N. Cohen, Romain Schroeder, Jean-Martial LeFranc
Co-executive producer ------ Neil Young
Camera ---------------------- Thierry Arbogast
Editor ------------------------- Peter Davies
Music ------------------------- Kevin Kiner
Theme ------------------------ David Arnold
Production designer --------- Peter Lamont
Supervising art director ----- Charles Lee
Art  directors ---------------- Mark Harris, Simon Lamont, Alan Tomkins, Ken Court, James Hambridge
Set decorator ---------------- Michael Ford
Costume designer ----------- Magali Guidasci
Visual effects supervisor --- Chris Brown
Line producer --------------- Tom Reeve
Assistant director ----------- Kieron Phipps
Casting ----------------------- Christian Kaplan
Screenplay ------------------- Kevin Droney
Based on a story and characters by Roberts
MPAA rating: Rated PG-13 for sexual references and sci-fi action/violence. 
Running time: 100 min
In "Wing Commander", you have the good looking young fighter pilot Chris Blair (Freddie Prinze Jr.) who in the 27th century joins in an intersellar war to battle against Kilrathi who is trying to destroy the universe. 

Todd "Maniac" Marshall, Paladin, and Chris arrive at a spaceship where the commander Jurgen Prochnow is about to do battle. And then there is the wing commander Jeannette "Angel" Deveraus who doesn't seem to like Chris at first. 

The movie, Wing Commander, is based on the popular computer game and it is directed by its creator. 

And yes, there may be some people who see Wing Commander just because of the trailer also being shown for Stars Wars. 

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