Photo of the Mint nightclub THE MINT
6010 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90035
hotline: 323-954-9630
tickets: 323-954-8241
bookings: 323-954-1992

Nightclub Calendar at a Glance
By Date
20-Nov-MonLAHO Group
$5.00. Doors 8:15pm. Show 9:00pm.
20-Nov-MonThe Mint Jam
$5.00. Doors 10:00pm. Show 10:00pm.
21-Nov-TueEmily Rath
Wayne Mills
$8.00. Doors 7:15pm. Show 7:45pm.
22-Nov-WedJoshua Silvera
Show Whight
Megan Betley
$10.00. Doors 7:30pm. Show 8:00pm.
24-Nov-FriStubborn Son
Private Lives
The Kraine
The Crazy Brave
Bad Moon Born
$10.00. Doors 7:45pm. Show 8:15pm.
25-Nov-SatJunk Parlor
Lavender Fields
The Tyler Thigpen Band
$10.00. Doors 7:45pm. Show 8:15pm.
26-Nov-SunCUBENSIS Annual Thanksgiving Potluck & Concert- Benefiting the REX Foundation
Cubensis Grateful Dead Music Experience
$12.00 - $15.00. Doors 2:00pm. Show 5:00pm.
27-Nov-MonHot Tub Johnnie - DJ Set
Hunnypot Dance Party
$0.00. Free. Doors 7:00pm. Show 7:00pm.
28-Nov-TueDragon Smoke
$27.00. Doors 8:30pm. Show 9:00pm.
29-Nov-WedSean Healy Presents . .
$15.00. Doors 8:00pm. Show 8:00pm.
30-Nov-ThuRedgrave Jones
Jaclyn Rachelle
Marlhy and the Misguided
Charly & Faust
$10.00. Doors 7:45pm. Show 8:15pm.
01-Dec-FriSteffan Argus
$15.00. Doors 7:00pm. Show 7:30pm.
01-Dec-FriThe House Band
Violet Rose
$12.00. Doors 8:45pm. Show 9:00pm.
02-Dec-SatThe Colour Coast
Levi Petree & The Radio Publica
Bianca Gisselle
$12.00. Doors 7:45pm. Show 8:15pm.
02-Dec-SatThe Colour Coast
Levi Petree & The Radio Publica
Bianca Gisselle
$12.00. Doors 9:15pm. Show 9:30pm.
03-Dec-SunEric Cire the Maestro Nicholas
$15.00. Doors 1:00pm. Show 2:00pm.
Off Task Band
Strange Case
Cody & The Black Widows
$10.00. Doors 6:45pm. Show 7:15pm.
04-Dec-MonThe Mint Jam
$5.00. Doors 8:30pm. Show 9:00pm.
05-Dec-TueNora Jane Struthers
Roses & Cigarettes
$10.00. Doors 7:30pm. Show 8:00pm.
06-Dec-WedDaisy The Great
John Jacob Magistery
Nothing But Flowers
Caroline Grace
$10.00 Doors 7:15pm. Show 7:45pm.
07-Dec-ThuBen Sollee & The Kentucky Native
The Battlefield
Emily Scott Robinson
$16.00. Doors 7:30pm. Show 8:00pm.
08-Dec-FriGuordan Banks
Tdot illdude
Jasmine Jordan
$18.00. Doors 7:30pm. Show 8:00pm.
09-Dec-SatCharlie HunterTrio
$18.00. Doors 7:00pm. Show 7:30pm.
09-Dec-SatMyra Flynn
Cody Dear
Jean-Luc Piriou
The Sidemen
$12.00. Doors 9:00pm. Show 9:15pm.
11-Dec-MonHot Tub Johnnie - DJ Set
Hunnypot Dance Party
$0.00. Free. Doors 7:00pm. Show 7:00pm.
12-Dec-TueErik Findling Entity
$8.00. Doors 7:15pm. Show 7:45pm.
14-Dec-ThuSan Miguel Perez
Maria Maria and Tango Passion
Colin Hay
$10.00. Doors 7:00pm. Show 8:00pm.
15-Dec-FriSean Healy Presents . .
Derrick Hodge
$20.00. Doors 8:00pm. Show 9:00pm.
16-Dec-SatMint Trip
Siren & The Selkies
To the Wolves
Dizzy Box Nine
$12.00. Doors 7:45pm. Show 8:15pm.
17-Dec-SunSage Boatright
Angie of WhatAngieSays
$10.00. Doors 5:45pm. Show 6:15pm.
18-Dec-MonThe Mint Jam
$5.00. Doors 8:30pm. Show 9:00pm.
19-Dec-TueMarcus Johnson
$20.00. Doors 7:30pm. Show 8:00pm.
Liz King
$13.00. Doors 7:15pm. Show 7:45pm.
21-Dec-ThuElizabeth Woolf
Jon Brandt
Gold Man
$15.00. Doors 7:45pm. Show 8:15pm.
22-Dec-FriGregory Ackerman
$10.00. Doors 7:45pm. Show 8:15pm.
23-Dec-SatLucy Morningstar Band
Upper Class Poverty
$10.00. Doors 7:45pm. Show 8:15pm.
24-Dec-SunThe L.A. Mint is Closed Tonight
25-Dec-MonThe L.A. Mint is Closed Tonight
27-Dec-WedThe Extrangers
$13.00. Doors 7:45pm. Show 8:50pm.
30-Dec-SatThe Main Squeeze
Teddy Roxpin
$16.00. Doors 7:30pm. Show 8:00pm.
31-Dec-SunNew Years Eve at the LA Mint
The Main Squeeze
Sweet Tea
$35.00. Doors 7:00pm. Show 8:00pm.


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