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Branson Weather
Branson Missouri
Month High
January 41-43 20-21 1.79
February 43-51 22-29 2.17
March 43-51 29-39 3.89
April 63-72 40-48 4.18
May 72-80 49-58 4.38
June 81-88 58-65 5.09
July 88-91 65-67 2.92
August 85-90 62-67 3.51
September 76-85 52-62 4.62
October 64-75 41-52 3.58
November 50-63 30-40 3.75
December  42-50 21-30 3.16


Average monthly temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit.
Average monthly precipitation levels in inches.

Mild Winter with snow accumulations between 1 and 2 inches. Branson is now open year round. Several years ago Branson use to close in January and February. Main roads are now kept open.

Branson's Spring begins in late March and April. Many of the theaters open their shows for the year about this time.

The Summer extends from June through August and well into September with highs often in the 80's and lows in the 50s and 60s.

Branson's Fall is October and November with November high temperatures still averaging in the 50s and lower 60s.

What to Wear in Branson

Casual - For your wardrobe, remember that Branson is casual. Only rarely will a restaurant ask the men to wear a sports jacket. Women will not need to wear a dress unless they want to.

Shoes - Select with care. You will be walking a lot. Some parking lots are steep. Even some aisles and walkways in the theaters are slanted.  Women consider flats. Walking shoes or sneakers are fine too. Comfortable shoes with some soles that grip the ground.

Clothing - Air-conditioning in the theaters and restaurants means that it may be cool even when the temperature
outside is hot. Consider long sleeves or consider a light wrap that you can put on and take off.

Outerwear - Pick a wrap or jacket for the season. You will be in and out of theaters and buildings and transportation so pick something you can put on and take off easily. You also have to hold your coat or wrap on your lap in the theaters so shorter and smaller may be more convenient. The Branson entertainers will be glad to sell you a souvenir tour jackets or T-shirt.

Women - Consider a bag with shoulder straps. That way you will not have to hold it all the time while looking through the souvenir shops. As for stockings and hose, consider wearing either heavy duty tights or go without. Many of the theaters have sturdy  and rough upholstery which are not too hose friendly. As for shorts. You might find longer style shorts, such as Bermuda or peddle-pushers, easier on your legs and thighs when sitting on some of these theater seats.

Watch that waist - If you are planning on eating at any of these buffets, watch out. The food can be good. For that reason, you might consider elastic or loose fitting waistbands.

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