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A new London energetic edge. London's land is more than 609 square miles but you will probably spend your time in Central London. That's the 1 square mile City and the villages which make up the West End. 

Large selection of hotels for London. 
London rooms even for sold out dates. 
London lodging is on-line so you can check and compare. 
Immediate on-line confirmation too. 

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General Travel Information 
  • British Tourist Authority
  • Official Web Site with lots of general tourist information
  • Time-Out
    • Web Site for the weekly what's happening in London magazine that you can get at the local newsstand.
  • University College London Travel Guide
    • UK Travel Guide originally developed at University College by now taken over by another group.
  • U.S. Customs
  • "Know Before Your Go" -  U.S. Customs Official Web Site
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