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Frequently Asked Questions - Hotels
1. Why Two Hotel Reservation Lists?
2. What is good about Discount Hotel Source 1?
3. What is good about Hotel Reservation Source 2?
4. What is so special about Branson Travel Source?
5. What is Rac Rate and other terms?
6. Who do I contact?
7. What about Europe Rail Pass Questions?
1. Why Two Hotel Lists?
I have attempted to combine the best possible options in price, selection and availability with the most convenience and ease of use on the Internet for your travel to your chosen destination. I have made special arrangements to provide you with a choice between a more traditional hotel room consolidator and a hotel room reservation service. 

You can easily check price and availability of hotel rooms so that you can plan your travel conveniently. 

Let me explain what to expect between the two sources of hotel reservations. Which by the way, they may both have rooms available at the same hotel.

2. What is good about Discount Hotel Source 1?
Hotel Source 1 is along the lines of a traditional hotel consolidator who acquires rooms in quantity up to a year or more in advance and as such gets advantageous pricing. They have rooms at over 2,100 hotels in over 83 major markets and are currently adding more hotels and cities. They cover most major cities in the United States and Western Europe. They are adding additional cities outside the United States.

Room prices are often among the best prices available. Because they inventory rooms, they often will have rooms when other sources are sold out. The amount that the rooms are discounted does vary. Prices often vary for days of the week and time of year. It's best to check and compare. 

Bottom line

Some absolutely great deals on hotel rooms 
Often have rooms for sold out dates 
Ease of use 
Fast confirmation 
Limited selection of rooms, hotels, cities
3. What is good about Hotel Reservation Source 2?
Hotel Source 2 is along the lines of a traditional hotel reservation service. They do not hold a large quantity of rooms for release like a consolidator. Instead, they make reservations for a large selection of hotels directly with the hotel company itself or they will sometimes use a third party such a consolidator. They make reservations for over 40,000 hotels in 5,000 cities and 140 countries around the world. You get a large choice to choose from. Even a number of choices of types of rooms in many hotels. You have a great selection. The selection can sometimes be overwhelming. 

Because they deal with so many different hotels, the hotel reservation policies and procedures may vary from hotel to hotel. Please read everything carefully. Also, because there are so many different hotels to deal with, some reservation processing for some hotels may require some time to confirm. The time to confirm reservations will vary from hotel to hotel. Once again, the policy is different for each hotel. Read the notes carefully. 

While making reservations, if you chose the "Auto Booker" you will get a response within seconds on your screen. "Live Agent" requests will be responded to within hours during normal business hours or next business day outside normal business hours. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation number.  Some hotels do not confirm reservations immediately. Hotel confirmation number is different than the reservation reference or request number. 

While they ask for 24 hours to confirm hotel reservations, it usually doesn't take that long. Typically, all hotel reservations are made in real time and should only take a few seconds to receive your confirmation. If you can not wait, you may need to contact the hotel directly. Special requests via the Live Agent may take longer. 

The rates displayed are the only rates available for this on-line processing. They often include some special discount rates where you might be required to show identification etc. to qualify. If you are attending a conference at the hotel or think you should receive any special discount that is not listed, you will need to contact the hotel directly. 

They are often able to negotiate special "Preferred Rates" that are only available for processing here on-line. Watch for these preferred rates. 

Bottom line

Huge selection of cities worldwide 
Huge selection of hotels 
Huge selection of room types and rates 
Some special on-line preferred rates 
Selection is so large as to be almost overwhelming 
Hotel confirmation and policies may vary considerable by hotel 
4. What is so special about Branson Travel Source?
While hotel reservations work well for many travelers, some destinations lend themselves to unique situations. 

For instance Branson, MO is well known for it's country music theaters. Branson had about 7 million visitors each year and 75 percent of them saw a music show while they were there. There are over 35 music theaters in Branson with a large variety of shows. I have made special arrangements with a large local travel agency in Branson that will handle your requests for music shows, attractions and lodging. Having a local expert help you handle the arrangement details will help ensure that you have a pleasant trip. Lots of information and a straightforward form request for should make your travel selections more convenient and informative. All Branson shows and attraction reservations are made through them.

You can book your lodging either through Hotel Reservations Source 2 above or the Branson Travel Source. Discount Hotel Source 1 does not currently have lodging for Branson.

5. What is Rac Rate and other terms?
Rack Rate or Rac Rate

The Rack Rate is the travel industry's term for the official full published retail room rate. Somewhat similar to the retail store concept of a full list price. Most seasoned travelers try to get a discount off the rack rate. But just about the time you get use to paying less than the rack rate and you think you will never again pay the full rack rate, you reach a destination during peak season where you would be glad to pay the rack rate just to get a room in an otherwise sold out situation. Some hotels discount very little if anything from the rack rate, other hotels will offer significant discounts from the full rack rate, particularly on the slower days when occupancy rates are lower. There is no fixed rule of thumb. It just depends. Best if you check and compare rates. 

Special Preferred Rate

Preferred Rates (Hotel Reservations Source 2) are special discounted rates that have been negotiated with the hotel. These rates are not available by calling the hotel direct. To receive the Preferred Rate you must make your reservations through this online service. These rates are available for all customers and there are no special requirements during hotel check-in. 

6. Who do I contact?
You will get a faster more direct response for your hotel reservations questions if you contact the hotel source directly. If you have questions of a more general nature or you do not know who to contact then I will try to answer your questions. 

Discount Hotel Source 1 - Hotel Discounts, a service of HRN

Hotel Reservation Source 2 - TravelNow
Check the documentation you received with your hotel reservation request for contact information. They prefer correspondence via e-mail. They do not answer general qustions like "what is a good hotel in Los Angeles." For that you need to see your travel agent. This is a hotel reservation service. Responses are generally limited to problems and issues related to your hotel reservations. 
Web Page for Some Answers to Questions
Your name and reservation "Request Number" will be required. 
Send e-mail to
There is also a toll free number for bookings at:
1-800-780-5733 (3031 - special code and 800 number for CaseNet web visitors).
Or if you have a confirmation number, you may call the hotel directly at the phone number listed for your hotel on your finalized e-mail you received. Have your confirmation number ready. 
Hotel Reservation Source 2
or alternately 
Hotel Reservation Source 2 alternate web page
Car, Air, Rail Reservations
On-line Car, Air, and Rail reservations are executed through TravelNow reservation service. Responses are generally limited to problems and issues related to your reservations.
Your name and reservation "Request Number" will be required. 
Send e-mail to

For answers to frequently asked questions:
Reservation Source 2 Help Page

General Top Web page for Source 2:
Reservation Source 2  top web page

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